Exclusive: Gossip Girl Series Finale Set For December – and There’s a Twist!

I hope that Gossip Girl will end perfectly. I know there’s a hope for Serena and Dan together with Blair and Chuck. I really wanna see Serena and Blair marry their soul mates. Awwwwww. It must be so sweeeeeeet.


Gossip Girl Series FinaleWhat’s that Gossip Girl fans? All you want for Christmas is a super-sized final episode? Done!

TVLine has learned exclusively that The CW is planning to send Serena, Blair & Co. off with a two-hour series finale event on Monday, Dec. 17.

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The night will kick off with a look back at the show’s six-year run (featuring clips and interviews with the cast and producers), followed immediately by the final episode, which TVLine can exclusively reveal is titled, “New York, I Love You XOXOX.”

In addition, viewers will be treated to an exclusive sneak peek at the CW’s upcoming Sex and the City prequel soap, The Carrie Diaries.

Thoughts? Is this just another painful reminder that Gossip Girl is powering down for good? Any hopes for the swan song? Proceed to the comments!

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Jonas Brothers live in Malaysia 2012

What do you know! My Jonas Brothers were finally come down here in Malaysia all the way from New Jersey to hold a concert! Live! At first, I was like is it true or is it only rumors? Well, it’s all true peep! It’s all confirmed when I was in my dad’s car. He turned on the radio. And abruptly I heard the DJ told that Jonas Brothers will hold a concert here and I was like Oh shit! Shitttt! Homaigodddd! It automatically blew out from my mouth. So sorry dad. You can’t understand how long I’ve been waiting for them and I thought it’s all left to be in my dream! Okay! The concert had held on October 24th and i was like extremely cannot wait! Like I’ve mentioned earlier, It’s been five years I’ve been waiting for them. I still remember the time all my close friends which are also fans of Jonas brothers too asked me to vote together with them in order to ask Jonas Brothers to hold a concert here. Well, I assume that we really did it! 😀 just imagine we were in 4th form on that time. There were a few moments which were really embarrassing to be told here. Haha. We had done something funny or maybe stupid? coz of our crazy fanaticism towards them. Haha. I started to love Jonas Brothers when Lina introduced me about them. I was like not really interested UNTIL i heard this one song called When You Look Me In The Eyes. The lyric is so touchable and automatically i’d fallen in love with Jonas Brothers. Since then, I started follow their programmes, their shows. I had become like wanna  know more about them.

You know Camp Rock? This is very crazy when i persuaded my mom to subscribe ASTRO just because i wanna watch Camp Rock so badly! Blame Lina for giving me this bad bad influence! Jonas Brothers are the main cast for the movie. So no wonder right? Hahahaha. Hell yeah so funny! Since then, I never missed an episode of JONAS and Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream when it was aired on Disney Channel and watched all of their movies with my sibling. Plus, If you asked everyone I know back then, they’d tell you how fanatic I am about the Jonas Brothers, especially Joe Jonas. To flashback of my school life, you’ve gotta believe me there was this time in Biology class, i was watching S.O.S music video in my red tiny Nokia Xpress Music hand phone which i kept it on my pencil case and i was pretending like i gave a full focus during the lesson in front of my teacher. I know it was hilarious, wasn’t it? Hahaha. Honestly, biology class was so boring and Jonas Brothers were the cure when i get sleepy. Hahaha. I fought with my friend, Hakim coz i can’t stand him insulting my Jonas Brothers. Hahaha. My ears were extremely cannot endure with those terribly horrible words! He was just grudgingly admitting that Jonas Brothers were actually cool band ever. Hahaha.

Yeah! i had my first guitar when i was in 4th form if i’m not mistaken and the reason why i bought the guitar because i was totally influenced by Jonas Brothers. Sounds sucky right? It’s a fact you know. 

I went to this awesome concert with my Alya, thanks a bunch dear for accompanied me and helped me out to hide my camera. Alright, this is something stupid that really shows I’ve got a brain which can be utilized. Jeez! I’m a smart person and a rule breaker ever. Haha. The story started when we were ready to get in the concert and this stupid guard asked me to go to the security side and keep my camera over there. I was like what?! Hell no! So here we go, my brain had magically given me this plan. Well, i successully made it. I recorded several of their performances too. Well, i bought the cheapest ticket technically due to destitution. But thank God coz i have this coolest camera. It’s CANON, my camera can zoom up to 35! Can you just imagine how far it can be zoomed out! I even captured the beard belongs to Nick uolllsss though i seated far away from the stage. LOL. See, how power my camera really is huh. Mostly, they sang all their hit songs like ‘Paranoid’, ‘Lovebug’, ‘S.O.S.’ and ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’. Jonas Brothers were thrilled me off. I hope they’ll come back here in Malaysia soon!

Alrighty, i’m gonna end my story with the pictures i took on that night. Those pictures below are originally captured by me, ATHIRAH. Thank you for spending some of your time to read this very long story.You guys are so amazing! Bye.

The guy i have major crush on has a girlfriend now. Joe Jonas. 😦 
See the beard! Muahahaha. He looked cute on that night but still with less smile and lil bit serious. That’s Nick Jonas.

Kevin Jonas

Meet my best friend, Alya. She’s the coolest friend ever! Thanks so much Alya for accompanied me to the concert. :’)


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Yes I did have a fabulous day!

I feel so touched the way of Awan’s wished my birthday. It was really sweet, wished it through the phone and asked his friends to sing together with him a Happy Birthday song specially for me with music background. I was like omg and cried eventually. He told me that all he hopes is that Allah will bless me and all my dreams will be come true.You know what sayang,  you had filled my heart with joy to hear all of your kind words. =’)

Ritzuan brought me to Naili’s place restaurant which the environment of the place was very lovely and romantic. It was so beautiful. While we were waiting for our meals, Then all of a sudden, he gave me a present and my heart was like dup dap dup dap. Beating so fast. Yeah I didn’t know the content of the present! and there were a lot of things playing in my mind. With a non-stop-smile on my mouth while opened the present and at the same time guessed what was the thing inside the box. It was mysterious you know. Haha. Technically, i don’t mind if there’s no present for me. All i ever want is his presence on my birthday. That is very crucial thing you know! 

Finally I was even more surprised when I opened the present and  I found that it was the thing that I really want so badly, it was a perfume. It was Radiance by Britney Spears dude! I was like oh my god!!!  Baby, are you sure???? Are you really sure of this? *shakinghimnonstop* You just totally cannot imagine how hell surprised I was on that time. I had planned to buy the perfume literally but i kept procrastinating it and most importantly, i never thought that Awan took it very seriously by fulfilled my wish for real. Thank you baby, for the most remember-able gift. For the sweet momento. I really appreciate it. Really appreciate. It was a perfect day for me. Thank you and i love you so much sayang. :’) 

P/s: And the most surprised was the time when my roomates zaidah and faezah suddenly crashed my room and stared at me with full of strangeness. Oh gosh they really scared me off. I thought there was something they wanna tell me but actually they wanna sing a happy birthday song to me and I hugged them with lots of love for that special moment. It really made me feel better. Thank you guys for the sweet wishes. Also, Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. I appreciate it so much. :’)

Keep Calm Athirah!

You mustn’t believe how long I’ve been left my blog die like this. Actually I’d been thinking about my blog but this lately fucking busy that I couldn’t avoid has made me forgotten about my blog. Honest to say, there are a lot of things that I wanna say. If I had a power, I would like to compress all my stories right in this blog. Hahaha.  I really wanna share with you guys about my life.

I’ve been working so hard for these past few days. Few days? You know final exam stuff. I just can’t bear  with those things where I needed to force myself to study and I’d been sacrificed a lot especially my sleep time. But actually sleeps is not my habit and trust me, I get used to be a bat for most of the time. Hahaha.

I really hope that all my sacrifice and effort worth a damn! I don’t wanna put so much hope. I can’t stand to be disappointed again. Can I repeat the glory like last semesters back then? I don’t know coz the destiny isn’t right my hand now. It all depends on my hard work. How strive I am. How I motivated myself.  Pheewww. Truth to be told, this semester is tough. Fucking tough. It’s unspeakable. But Alhamdulillah… I’ve successfully faced those challenges and there’s one more paper to go. It’s Psychology and Sociology and please do pray the best for me. Amin. 

You’re still our hero

We have known that Lee Chong Wei has been defeated by Lin Dan just now. I thought that if Lee Chong Wei don’t be a winner then it could be okay but it happened contrastly. It was shocked to see Lee Chong Wei cried and disappointed. Frankly speaking, i felt like crying. It fucking broke my heart! Did you see how fucking down he was? I hate you Lin Dan. More than ever! How dare you broke Lee’s heart!

 I can see that he was actually crying when he received the medal. Not a happy one but the other way round. Okay fine, i really feel like killing Lin Dan now.

I know that Lee Chong Wei wants to be a champion in Olympic before he backs off or retires from the badminton world but i think he never loses. He always a winner. It was just he accidentally  pushed the stupid lob past the baseline! So for me, it was just Lin Dan’s luck. Not more than that! 

Also, I know that he has given his full energy and determination to win this Olympic tournament but the destiny has shown that it was not his luck to be a winner. I can see that he felt so intense in order to lead in those game sets. Of course he can do it but it was all because of his small mistakes. If he paid more attention, i think he can be a winner. The distance of the score is only two (19-21). But all in all, even though Lee Chong Wei lost in Olympic but he still a Malaysia’a hero. No one can replace him. Never. He is so irreplaceable. Lee Chong Wei is always number one. His contribution for Malaysia will always being remembered all times.

We will always love you Lee Chong Wei.
I know that this is kind of immature but i really wanna say this. Lin Dan. You are so f****** shit!

Wish me luck!

This Saturday i will be taking the computer test for driving at Metro Driving Academy. I feel so nervous coz there is question about colour test. You know what! Honest to say, i’ve been faced the problem since i was taking the test for enter university. If i’m not mistaken it was 3 years ago. I still remember, my mother scolded at me coz she can see those numbers and pictures but i can’t. Actually, the thing that i afraid is if i fail this color test, i’ll not go through the next questions together with driving test. I think i don’t have any problem regarding my eyes, maybe i lose my focus or maybe i just can’t see it properly. I’m not agree if i can’t see those numbers and pictures then it shows that i have blind color problem. I don’t agree at all. But i need to try after all.

OMG! The thing that makes me happy is after i pass the computer test, i’ll straight to learn how to drive without waiting for a week to get L license. My friend had been waiting for a week at least in order to get L license then she can go through the driving test session. Maybe that is one of the benefits to join Metro Driving Academy. I feel so excited to drive. Can’t wait. And most importantly, i can’t wait to have my own car as soon as possible. I’ve been discussing about this thing with my mom and she agrees to buy me a car. Hehe. BUT right after i got my P! So, i need to work hard to make sure  that i won’t fail this driving test. Oh God1 I hate test so much! Sincerely.

BTW, wish me luck and pray for me that i will pass this test. My hands are trembling right now and my feet start to shake! I need to study about driving law now! Adios!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Alright, i wanna tell you guys about this story. I’ve been watching The Amazing Spider Man today with Wani and Fiera. The thing that makes me feel so proud is we’ve been the first ones to watch this cool movie. Hahaha. All in all, my opinion about this movie is it’s not disappointing. It’s still gave me the wow feelings like i used to be watching the Spider Man movies before. Spider Man still absorb the elements of actions, adventurous and the things that involve with science. Actually this movie narratively has used exactly the same like other Spider Man movies. It’s not exactly the same but it’s sort of exactly. Hahaha. I don’t know how to explain. You guys should go and watch then you will understand. But still, there are several differentiation that can be seen in this movie. I’ve provided you the synopsis which i’ve been taking it from IMDb.
Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy, and together, they struggle with love, commitment, and secrets. As Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance – leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr Curt Connors, his father’s former partner. As Spider-Man is set on a collision course with Connors’ alter-ego, The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his powers and shape his destiny to become a hero. Written by Nicky Mitchell  
The thing that sort of makes me feel disappointed is i thought it is a continuation of this Spider Man. Maybe, let say that this Peter Parker and Mary Jane have a son and their son has inherited the super power from Peter Parker like maybe the super power DNA has flown into their son’s blood but the story is not like what i thought. They just exhibit the same narrative like I’ve already known. But they also have changed the character of The Spider Man itself. I’ve been told that this character of Peter Parker in this movie has been copied from Marvel comic which is more easy going. In this movie we’ve been shown even though he wears his spider suit but still he brings along his bag that he used to bring it to his school and also he brings his hand phone and still can make a call while in fighting. It’s very funny you know. Hahaha. It’s not like the other Spider Man movies which is more serious and we can feel the intense there. and one more thing, in Marvel comic, the girlfriend of Peter Parker is Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane. Then it is pretty sure that they’ve copied it from Marvel comic.  In a nutshell, both are really super duper brilliant!   
Oh My! Emma Roberts looks so adorable.
The Antagonist in The Amazing Spider Man, The Lizard aka Dr. Curt Connors
He’s cute and i’m melting now. Hahaha.
You know what, actually the reason why we went and watched this movie because it is a part of our assignments for Health and Safety subject. We need to watch movie and capture some pictures on each and every exit door of cinema which is quite huh??? We need to show the ticket and those pictures to our lecturer as a proof that we had done our jobs. At first before the movie started. I asked my friend to take picture near of the exit door and all the audiences stared at me awkwardly. Hahaha. I just made “whocares” face. Then eventually i told them that this is the thing that i must do because it is my assignment. I don’t have any other choice and they just laughed and said that they understood. Hahaha. Now i know that Malaysian are very cool and supportive!
OMG! It’s already 2.40 am and i really should go and sleep. I have a Psychology and Sociology class tomorrow morning. Pray for me so that i’ll not get sleepy tomorrow. Thanks for reading and bye.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Robert
This is the part that i love the most. It’s very romantic.