Wish me luck!

This Saturday i will be taking the computer test for driving at Metro Driving Academy. I feel so nervous coz there is question about colour test. You know what! Honest to say, i’ve been faced the problem since i was taking the test for enter university. If i’m not mistaken it was 3 years ago. I still remember, my mother scolded at me coz she can see those numbers and pictures but i can’t. Actually, the thing that i afraid is if i fail this color test, i’ll not go through the next questions together with driving test. I think i don’t have any problem regarding my eyes, maybe i lose my focus or maybe i just can’t see it properly. I’m not agree if i can’t see those numbers and pictures then it shows that i have blind color problem. I don’t agree at all. But i need to try after all.

OMG! The thing that makes me happy is after i pass the computer test, i’ll straight to learn how to drive without waiting for a week to get L license. My friend had been waiting for a week at least in order to get L license then she can go through the driving test session. Maybe that is one of the benefits to join Metro Driving Academy. I feel so excited to drive. Can’t wait. And most importantly, i can’t wait to have my own car as soon as possible. I’ve been discussing about this thing with my mom and she agrees to buy me a car. Hehe. BUT right after i got my P! So, i need to work hard to make sure  that i won’t fail this driving test. Oh God1 I hate test so much! Sincerely.

BTW, wish me luck and pray for me that i will pass this test. My hands are trembling right now and my feet start to shake! I need to study about driving law now! Adios!

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