True mentor of my heart!

I’ve just finished making a slide show for my mom, she’s got a presentation this morning. I just slept for a few hours. Hahaha. It’s okay. It’s worth you know. My mom has complimented me by saying my slide show is beautiful.  Thanks mama! I’ll do anything to see my mom happy. By the way Mama, wanna wish u a very HAPPY TEACHERS DAY. I’m so lucky to have you to be my mom and also, my teacher.  You’ve just celebrated a Mother’s Day a few days ago and now Teacher’s Day. How lucky you are Mama. Haha. You’ve got so many children (us and your students) anddd present !
I congratulate you Mama for receiving The Best Teacher Awards 2012 (English and Business Studies).

In spite of that, i’d like to wish to all my lecturers In Faculty of Film, Theatre and Animation at Universiti Teknologi MARA, A HAPPY TEACHERS DAY. Thank you so much for all your kindness, patience and knowledge that you’ve given me. May ALLAH bless each and every of you. Please forgive all my fault (especially come late to class frequently).  Doctor Aida, Miss Wani and Madam Rosza yang selalu marah saya sebab datang lambat. Haha. I will change this bad attitude on next semester! Gee… I wish I could bring you guys a cake. =( 
Puan Lela (second from left), Doctor Aida (Centre), Miss Wani (hold the mineral water); they are my lecturers. P/s: Puan Lela, I took your picture form your BBM Default picture. Thanks for allowed me to keep this beautiful picture. Geeee  =D
On this early morning, there was someone had ping-ed me thru BBM,  I was like who was it? I grabbed my BlackBerry. Guess who? It was Puan Lela, my lecturer! =D We had a conversation. Wanna know? I tell you guys…
Puan Lela:  Hamboiihh kan main gambo=D … stay happy always dear! Jaga diri. (She saw my default picture in my BBM, Me and Awan, I never thought that she could notice that! Kantoi dengan sengaja ;D)
Me: Haha, he’s my….. (malu) haha, just pray for us. Thank you so much Puan Lela. Don’t worry, I will. Puan Lela da nak g keje ke?
Puan Lela: Tau xpe ada gak haha tu… hehe.. yup nk get ready for work…
Me: Haha, tp lambat lagi. He’s doin his degree now in UTeM. Owh! Okay. Btw, Happy Teachers
Day. =)
Puan Lela :I see…xpe habiskan belajar dulu…itu penting…Thanks for the wishes dear.
Me: Our parents told us the same thing too. Hbskan belaja dulu. Will do Puan Lela. Hehe. Kitorang tgh struggle belaja. It’s for better future right. Tak bagi pape pun dkt Puan Llela, skrg cuti sem pulak, kalau xbole bagi something. =
Puan Lela: Hehe…xpe nxt month naik sem…
Me: Okayh! Hehe. Have fun!
That is the conversation between a student and her lecturer on this special day, Teachers Day. =) If we have time, we’ll talk to each other and she’s a good listener either. She’ll be in Netherland doing her PhD by the end of this November or September, If I’m not mistaken. She wants me to study hard and she always believe in me that I can do my best. Plus, she wants me to be a lecturer on my faculty someday! Hee. InsyaAllah. Amin.

Without you, i would have been lost.

Thank you teacher for guiding me, inspiring me

And making me what i am today. 

Happy Teachers Day!

Okay! I want to have my breakfast and then take a nap! Zzzzzzz…

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