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The JPA problem has been successfully solved!

All i wanna do now is screaming out loud. Arrrggghhhh!!!! Alhamdulillah, this very important matter has been successfully solved. I’m goin with my father to send all the forms straight to the JPA Department by this Monday. U’ve no idea what i’ve been through all along on settling this JPA scholarship. I had been scolded by my parents. Do you know why? It is because of my behaviour! They said that i love to procrastinate in solving something that really important. The greatest barrier that i had faced was the time my printer had worned out! Masa aku nak print ni lah dia nak rosak. Grrrrr.

Luckily, the distance between my house and cybercafe is quite close! And it opens up till late morning. I just can’t imagine what happened to me if cyber cafe isn’t exist in area of my house. I went to the cyber cafe almost 3X to settle this matter. Bayangkanlah kelam kabut gilerr. I realized that there were many typing errors especially my address! Address aku ni banyak gilerr nak kena pakai word “jalan”, tak pernah dibuat orang.

But to settle this JPA scholarship is not difficult as PTPTN, the forms of PTPTN are damn thick! Aku pun tak faham kenapa tebal nak mampus. Kesian aku tengok kawan aku yang sampai mencarut nak selesaikan PTPTN, dah tu nak kena beratur lagi. Panjang nak mati. If one of the forms is not complete and yet there would be some mistakes, just a little mistake. You have to go back and correct it and then wait for your turn. Again! What suffer!

Thank God! JPA forms are not that thick. It made my work easier. So Tyra, be thankful okay. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. =) Thanks a bunch Mama, ayah for helped me out. I noticed that i’ve a contract with government for 4 years. Honest to say, i’m so glad! I don’t need to find a job after grad. I’m thinking about RTM right now but i wanna be a lecturer so badly! It’s okay Tyra. Let Allah do the rest. Believe in what you do and do your very best. Ritzuan keeps reminding me about that. Talking about him, i miss him. It has been a month i don’t meet him. =”(

The more you prepare, the luckier you appear.

Talking to myself

I woke up early this morning. Switched on the lappy and learned how to edit pictures. It’s quite fun and not as difficult as i thought. I wanna cook Nasi Goreng Kampung because i’m starving but i’m so scared to go downstairs. It’s so creepy. I wish you can be right here with me now. I wanna ask my brother to accompany me to cook but we both fight. We didn’t talk to each other since on the fasting month. Lama glerr kan? I don’t know what will happen next. Don’t tell me why. I don’t think it was my fault. If you were in my shoes then you will do the same thing. The emptiness has spread into myself. Why does everybody mess with me? I hate when i need to face this kind of situation. 
My head seems to have headache. Maybe it shocked because i woke up very early than i used to. (Blurr at the moment) Just so you know that i hate for those who love to mad at me. Who do you think you are? Don’t you ever think that you’re so strong. Don’t you ever think that you can scroll me down. I’m strong enough to against you. You need to know that i’m only a girl who needs your love and i’m counting on you. If you do love me, you’ll be patient with me. I know that, sometimes i’ve challenged your capability as a man but that’s the only way to know wether you really do love me or not. I know you love me. You’ve told me a thousand times. There are many things in my mind. I just can’t figure out to shape all of it into words. It’s just so hard as my heart has broken up like a broken mirror. Thank you very much!
I wish you can read what’s inside my heart. It’s my only request. But you just can’t fulfil it. Every teardrop of mine seems not precious to you anymore.

New chapter of my life.

I feel great with my new image. I feel different. Good different. I’m glad that Allah has given me a chance to change. I know that most of my friends shocked with my new appearance. I do this because i really wanna change since a very long time ago but i didn’t know what barrier had stopped me to do this good thing. So, i’ve decided to wear hijjab no matter what happen. Also, i really wanna change my behaviour. I don’t wanna be an unappreciative person and i don’t wanna feel aweful everyday. You have no idea what i feel every single day.

The thing that i keep thinking is die! I don’t know the day that i’m goin to die. Everybody doesn’t know the day. I realize that Allah has given me everything such as good result, JPA scholarship, allowance, caring and loving boyfriend, family that always be there when i need them. The conclusion is, i’m having a good life. Every human will face many kinds of problems and so do i. There were one thing that causes me to change but it’s too private to be published. Sorry.

But whatever it is, no matter how bad the feelings are, i won’t let them to control me and i need to do something. At first, i was scared to change, you know certain people keep bad-mouthing about me, someone’s heart which full of bad things. Trust me! I’ve found so many people before who loved to talk rubbish about other people. I really wanna be far with these types of people. Most of my friends said to me that just ignore them. Most importantly, you know who you really are. I would like to thank all of my friends for supporting me and courage me to be a better person. Without you. I’m nothing. All i ever wanted is, i don’t wanna be afraid, i wanna wake up feeling good everyday. Keep me this faith Allah. Thank you Allah.

Btw, this is a story of mine. Hee. We were having dinner at Pizza Hut in Kota Damansara yesterday. Check this out! =D

Okay, ada 4 orang lagi my sibs yang tak ada dalam gambar ni. =D

Thank you Mama, Ayah for the yummy pizzassss.  Don’t be shocked. My parents need to buy at least 5 set of pizzas for us. =D
They are my Mama and Ayah. That little girl is my last sista. Her name is Arisya Adibah. She is sooooo manja.


With my brother, Asyraf.

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”

Thank You JPA. =)

Alright. Let me begin the story. I’ve got a call from JPA last afternoon. Guess what? I am pleased to inform you that I was awarded the JPA scholarship to pursue my current course in Diploma in Creative and Technology (Artistic Writing) in UiTM, Puncak Perdana. I’ve gotten the scholarship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked! I was like…. Is it true? They will sponsor me till the end of the Diploma programme. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki Allah nak bagi. Semua ni berkat usaha dan doa. Who knows? Allah has been fulfilling my prayers. =) I hope what i have now encourage me to study more harder and do the best in everything i do after this.
Anyway, my lecturer, Madam Azrin has congratulated me. She said that i deserve it and she prouds of me. She has given me some good advice, she asked me to put the scholarship given to good use and never dissappoint my parents and government. Thank you so much madam. I will. Insya-Allah. I can see that my parents are so happy. I know by this given scholarship, the cost for living in here would be lesser coz i didn’t apply the PTPTN loan. I don’t want to burden my parents. Memang sakit sangat kalau duit asyik tak cukup je. As a whole, i thank to Allah for giving me this scholarship opportunity. Many Malaysian students have benefited from these scholarships opportunity and I just happen to be one of them. Thank you so much to those who always pray and keep supporting me. May Allah continue to bless you more and more every new day. Amin~

If a hug represented how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever.

Hey guys. Today I was dating with my boy, Ritzuan. He was just got back from UTeM. We met at KLCC. It has been 3 weeks we didn’t meet each other. For me it’s a very long days! I’m not used to not to meet him in such long days before. But I feel so happy right now that finally I met him. To see his smile. His laughter. His tease. Oh gosh! I miss him so badly. We had our lunch at KFC and we had a very nice conversation.

Suddenly, he asked me that he wanted to tell me something. Yeah! It was a sad news that he can’t be on my birthday on this 5th October as he’s going to seat for an Electric Test. He told me that he scared to tell me this. Haha. I just can’t pretending that actually I do feel sad. He promised me that he will celebrate my birthday on the next day that is Thursday (6th October 2006). But I can’t be selfish because I love him so much. He has been so nice to me. I can see that he’s trying his best to make I’m happy and he becomes sad when I’m not happy. I don’t wanna hurt his feelings. Never again. I know test is a very important thing. We can’t skip it just like that as it has become our carry mark. To make it short, it will safe us if our examination results suck! Even me still depends on test either. Alright! I’m not goin to babble about test. Zip it okay Tyra.

I don’t know why he keeps saying that i’m so buncit. Hahaha.
Back to the real story…
Ritzuan and I watched movie together. This time, his turn to choose which movie that we gonna watch. That is one of our rules in ourrelationship in order to be tolerant to each other. LOL. Ahha! The title was Fright Night. I don’t know who the actors and actresess are. That movie was pretty cool. It’s all about vampire. But the storyline is different from Twilight series. There were many of shocked scenes and several of funny scenes. I was screaming all the time. Poor Ritzuan. He was the victim for me to kept turning back on his shoulder so that I can close my eyes immediately. So gedik kan? Ahha. All in all, we both loved the movie! I still remember the time we were watching the movie, Ritzuan kept saying that he was so happy to spend time with me. I felt so shy and kept smiling non stop.
Fright Night Trailer. =)
We captured many pictures back then. It was Ritzuan’s idea.Ahha. There were many pictures that had been captured by us. After that we had our dinner. As usual, I ordered Asam Laksa and Ritzuan ordered Curry mee. After that we bought some stuff at Watson and Chemelon Boutique. Thanks a bunch B for gave me a beautiful ring. It such a sweet gift. I totally love it. We had spent most of our day in KLCC. At first, i wanted to go to the Pavillion,but it’s so far to be there. I wasn’t able to walk that far. Ahha. He’s going to back to his campus tomorrow. I’ll miss him. We goin to meet again on this Thursday. Can’t wait for that! =D
This place has given a lot of memories of me and him. =)
Thanks B! I love this pic a lot.
It’s time to go back home. =)
Look at my hair. I don’t wanna cut it out. Sayang la pulak!
Love ya!
Whatever. =D
B. All I wanted to say is i don’t mind if you couldn’t celebrate my birthday. I just wanna you to always be by my side. It’s more than enough for me. I feel safe and comfortable when i’m with you. The days that we’ve been through together, it will always be a great moment, a great history for both of us. I like you because of yourself. There’s something special in you. You are so good different. I want you to know that i love you with all my heart andalways be. =’)