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Yes I did have a fabulous day!

I feel so touched the way of Awan’s wished my birthday. It was really sweet, wished it through the phone and asked his friends to sing together with him a Happy Birthday song specially for me with music background. I was like omg and cried eventually. He told me that all he hopes is that Allah will bless me and all my dreams will be come true.You know what sayang,  you had filled my heart with joy to hear all of your kind words. =’)

Ritzuan brought me to Naili’s place restaurant which the environment of the place was very lovely and romantic. It was so beautiful. While we were waiting for our meals, Then all of a sudden, he gave me a present and my heart was like dup dap dup dap. Beating so fast. Yeah I didn’t know the content of the present! and there were a lot of things playing in my mind. With a non-stop-smile on my mouth while opened the present and at the same time guessed what was the thing inside the box. It was mysterious you know. Haha. Technically, i don’t mind if there’s no present for me. All i ever want is his presence on my birthday. That is very crucial thing you know! 

Finally I was even more surprised when I opened the present and  I found that it was the thing that I really want so badly, it was a perfume. It was Radiance by Britney Spears dude! I was like oh my god!!!  Baby, are you sure???? Are you really sure of this? *shakinghimnonstop* You just totally cannot imagine how hell surprised I was on that time. I had planned to buy the perfume literally but i kept procrastinating it and most importantly, i never thought that Awan took it very seriously by fulfilled my wish for real. Thank you baby, for the most remember-able gift. For the sweet momento. I really appreciate it. Really appreciate. It was a perfect day for me. Thank you and i love you so much sayang. :’) 

P/s: And the most surprised was the time when my roomates zaidah and faezah suddenly crashed my room and stared at me with full of strangeness. Oh gosh they really scared me off. I thought there was something they wanna tell me but actually they wanna sing a happy birthday song to me and I hugged them with lots of love for that special moment. It really made me feel better. Thank you guys for the sweet wishes. Also, Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. I appreciate it so much. :’)


Keep Calm Athirah!

You mustn’t believe how long I’ve been left my blog die like this. Actually I’d been thinking about my blog but this lately fucking busy that I couldn’t avoid has made me forgotten about my blog. Honest to say, there are a lot of things that I wanna say. If I had a power, I would like to compress all my stories right in this blog. Hahaha.  I really wanna share with you guys about my life.

I’ve been working so hard for these past few days. Few days? You know final exam stuff. I just can’t bear  with those things where I needed to force myself to study and I’d been sacrificed a lot especially my sleep time. But actually sleeps is not my habit and trust me, I get used to be a bat for most of the time. Hahaha.

I really hope that all my sacrifice and effort worth a damn! I don’t wanna put so much hope. I can’t stand to be disappointed again. Can I repeat the glory like last semesters back then? I don’t know coz the destiny isn’t right my hand now. It all depends on my hard work. How strive I am. How I motivated myself.  Pheewww. Truth to be told, this semester is tough. Fucking tough. It’s unspeakable. But Alhamdulillah… I’ve successfully faced those challenges and there’s one more paper to go. It’s Psychology and Sociology and please do pray the best for me. Amin.