It’s a crime to be nice with people

I don’t know why i write this but the thing is i feel so sad. I think no one can understand my feelings. No one. If i can turn back time, i will change the whole things that i thought wrong. I’ve been looking for true friends! It’s just true friends! But i find no one, You can imagine how sad i am. I’ve been sacrifice my feelings in order to please everybody’s heart but no one can understand me at all. No one ever try. It is true kawan masa senang memang ramai tapi masa susah hilang entah ke mana. I wanna be independent from now on. Sometimes i think yang aku ni dah terjerat dengan kebaikan yang aku lakukan sendiri. It hurts me so much. I might say that i look happy inside but outside. It’s only me that i have. Only me. I’ve always done something wrong in this life. I don’t know how to decide which one is good for me. I’ll bring myself alone. I admit that i’m crying right now. Let me keep this shit right inside my heart. To you. Please if you don’t wanna be my friend just let me go. Don’t say that you need me. Please don’t say that. You’ve got a new one. Somebody that can replace me. If you’re not able to make friend with me anymore. Just go! Coz i know that i can be independent. At least don’t show the fake right in front of me. I can do my best. Thank you so much for do this to me. Every and each my tear drop reperesents how much i assume you as my best friend until you forget about me. Athirah. Just go with the flow. Don’t put so much hopes. Ya Allah, please give me some strength to face this life that full of barriers. Amin.


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