It’s a crime to be nice with people

I don’t know why i write this but the thing is i feel so sad. I think no one can understand my feelings. No one. If i can turn back time, i will change the whole things that i thought wrong. I’ve been looking for true friends! It’s just true friends! But i find no one, You can imagine how sad i am. I’ve been sacrifice my feelings in order to please everybody’s heart but no one can understand me at all. No one ever try. It is true kawan masa senang memang ramai tapi masa susah hilang entah ke mana. I wanna be independent from now on. Sometimes i think yang aku ni dah terjerat dengan kebaikan yang aku lakukan sendiri. It hurts me so much. I might say that i look happy inside but outside. It’s only me that i have. Only me. I’ve always done something wrong in this life. I don’t know how to decide which one is good for me. I’ll bring myself alone. I admit that i’m crying right now. Let me keep this shit right inside my heart. To you. Please if you don’t wanna be my friend just let me go. Don’t say that you need me. Please don’t say that. You’ve got a new one. Somebody that can replace me. If you’re not able to make friend with me anymore. Just go! Coz i know that i can be independent. At least don’t show the fake right in front of me. I can do my best. Thank you so much for do this to me. Every and each my tear drop reperesents how much i assume you as my best friend until you forget about me. Athirah. Just go with the flow. Don’t put so much hopes. Ya Allah, please give me some strength to face this life that full of barriers. Amin.


Capturing you

When I miss you, sometimes I listen to music or look at pictures of you, not to remind me of you but to make me feel as if I’m with you. It makes me forget the distance and capture you. I’m waiting for you to come back here and spend more time with me. As time rolls on, i realize that I’ve learned in accepting not just the good part of you but also the bad part. It’s not just we’ve been a loving couple but also have been good friends. I love you so much Muhammad Ritzuan.

True mentor of my heart!

I’ve just finished making a slide show for my mom, she’s got a presentation this morning. I just slept for a few hours. Hahaha. It’s okay. It’s worth you know. My mom has complimented me by saying my slide show is beautiful.  Thanks mama! I’ll do anything to see my mom happy. By the way Mama, wanna wish u a very HAPPY TEACHERS DAY. I’m so lucky to have you to be my mom and also, my teacher.  You’ve just celebrated a Mother’s Day a few days ago and now Teacher’s Day. How lucky you are Mama. Haha. You’ve got so many children (us and your students) anddd present !
I congratulate you Mama for receiving The Best Teacher Awards 2012 (English and Business Studies).

In spite of that, i’d like to wish to all my lecturers In Faculty of Film, Theatre and Animation at Universiti Teknologi MARA, A HAPPY TEACHERS DAY. Thank you so much for all your kindness, patience and knowledge that you’ve given me. May ALLAH bless each and every of you. Please forgive all my fault (especially come late to class frequently).  Doctor Aida, Miss Wani and Madam Rosza yang selalu marah saya sebab datang lambat. Haha. I will change this bad attitude on next semester! Gee… I wish I could bring you guys a cake. =( 
Puan Lela (second from left), Doctor Aida (Centre), Miss Wani (hold the mineral water); they are my lecturers. P/s: Puan Lela, I took your picture form your BBM Default picture. Thanks for allowed me to keep this beautiful picture. Geeee  =D
On this early morning, there was someone had ping-ed me thru BBM,  I was like who was it? I grabbed my BlackBerry. Guess who? It was Puan Lela, my lecturer! =D We had a conversation. Wanna know? I tell you guys…
Puan Lela:  Hamboiihh kan main gambo=D … stay happy always dear! Jaga diri. (She saw my default picture in my BBM, Me and Awan, I never thought that she could notice that! Kantoi dengan sengaja ;D)
Me: Haha, he’s my….. (malu) haha, just pray for us. Thank you so much Puan Lela. Don’t worry, I will. Puan Lela da nak g keje ke?
Puan Lela: Tau xpe ada gak haha tu… hehe.. yup nk get ready for work…
Me: Haha, tp lambat lagi. He’s doin his degree now in UTeM. Owh! Okay. Btw, Happy Teachers
Day. =)
Puan Lela :I see…xpe habiskan belajar dulu…itu penting…Thanks for the wishes dear.
Me: Our parents told us the same thing too. Hbskan belaja dulu. Will do Puan Lela. Hehe. Kitorang tgh struggle belaja. It’s for better future right. Tak bagi pape pun dkt Puan Llela, skrg cuti sem pulak, kalau xbole bagi something. =
Puan Lela: Hehe…xpe nxt month naik sem…
Me: Okayh! Hehe. Have fun!
That is the conversation between a student and her lecturer on this special day, Teachers Day. =) If we have time, we’ll talk to each other and she’s a good listener either. She’ll be in Netherland doing her PhD by the end of this November or September, If I’m not mistaken. She wants me to study hard and she always believe in me that I can do my best. Plus, she wants me to be a lecturer on my faculty someday! Hee. InsyaAllah. Amin.

Without you, i would have been lost.

Thank you teacher for guiding me, inspiring me

And making me what i am today. 

Happy Teachers Day!

Okay! I want to have my breakfast and then take a nap! Zzzzzzz…

The Last Song (The first novel that given by Awan)

I’ve spent most of time with reading books, novel technically. By now; I read this novel, THE LAST SONG written by Nicholas Spark. This novel is very meaningful to me because Ritzuan had bought it for me at Sun@Mag, The Curve. He knows that I love to read books. Thank you honey! =)
I want to finish this novel as soon as possible so that I can watch the movie. Actually, I‘d bought the DVD already. I wanna compare between the story line in novel and movie whether it has similarities or conversely.
Plus, I love the way Sparks wrote this novel, it’s not really like a novel. It is more to screen play. (If you are a film student, then you’ll know it). Moreover, he is a screen play writer in The Last Song. So, no wonder if he used to be a script writer then he’ll use the skill that he has into his novels. In my observation, Sparks doesn’t use flourish words too frequent in his novel. It’s more to straight forward.  It’s pretty hard if someone used to be a novel writer and suddenly converted to be a script writer. The writing technique is completely different. Learning process is most probably needed. The Last Song novel is so gonna be my reference in writing screen play after this!
I love to collect novels that have been adapted into major motion picture so that I can learn about adaptation. Like TWILIGHT and ONE DAY. I’ve collected those novels already. I haven’t read One Day yet. I’m pretty busy doing a small business selling hotdog, cookies, filament stick and mineral water in my sisters’ school . Alhamdulillah. So far so good.
I’m gonna buy Confession of Shopaholic novel and probably Gossip Girl novel series one day as well as 127 Hours. It must be good to read them! =)
p/s: Thank you b for gave me such a wonderful thing. I love the The Last Song. I wish i could watch the movie with you.
Thank you for reading
Eat lots of chocolate

My Point Of View (Hubungan Retak Menanti Belah)

First of all, i wanna inform to you guys that this is not my story okay. Haha. Today i’d like to talk about a cliche thing which we’ve often heard it from our friends or maybe our siblings. This is about HUBUNGAN RETAK MENANTI BELAH. I’m gonna tell this especially to girls. Why? Based on my observation, females have been categorized as love victims. MOSTLY. So, these are the signs your boyfriend wants or tries to go away/ break up/ get rid of you. Girls! Check it out yawwww!

PERBUALAN KORANG SANGAT BORING (Dah tak tahu nak cakap apa)
Kalau korang nak test boyfriend korang (for those yang dah tahu hubungan diorang dah nak hancur tapi nak bukti lagi) cuba tanya boyfriend korang soalan yang berkaitan dengan future korang. Kalau dia tak nak or macam cuba mengelak. Tu dah terang lagi bersuluh lah kan. Maknanya diorang tak nak pun jadikan korang ni isteri diorang. Korang cuma dijadikan sebagai perhiasan atau nak mainkan korang. Lepas tu, kalau korang cuba cakap dengan boyfriend korang, dia mesti pandang tempat lain. Hello, come on lah, ini bukan zaman tok kaduk nak cakap pandang ke bawah ke tepi. Nak malu-malu bagai. Kalau someone tu betul-betul suka dekat korang, dia akan pandang tepat dekat mata korang kalau bercakap (Kalau korang punya relationship dah lama lah). Kalau baru…out of question!


Ini merupakan tanda yang paling kita boleh nampak dengan mata kasar. Cuba bandingkan or flashback masa korang happy and rapat dulu, korang mesti spend time together, it’s like merpati dua sejoli lah. Pergi mana-mana pun together macam tengok wayang, makan, shopping semua tu lah, benda yang korang selalu buat sama-sama tapi sekarang dah jarang or dah tak buat langsung. Bila korang ajak keluar je, dia dah tak nak or cuba mengelak, sering bagi banyak alasan yang tak logik. Ala, korang faham-faham sendirilah.

Mungkin ada sesetengah menganggap kalau tak bergaduh maka aman lah perhubungan. Sebenarnya tak betul teori tu. Itu cuma terjadi kalau korang betul-betul rapat gila tahap gaban. Dia faham korang and korang pun faham dia. So, it’s confirm susah nak gaduh. But if it happens conversely, korang kena jaga-jaga sebab bila korang jarang gaduh, maknanya, boyfriend korang dah malas nak layan korang. Selalunya, kalau kita gaduh, mesti boyfriend kita pujuk kita kan but this one TIDAK, dia buat bodoh je dengan korang. Dah tak fikir perasaan korang. Apa nak jadi, jadi lah.

So ladies, please think about it okay. Please do something to save your relationship or else ANGKAT KAKI. =D

Thanks for reading

Eat lots of chocolate

Fall Again

I hope that I don’t sound to insane when I say that i hope one day we get married just to say we really did it. Without realizing, our relationship has reached almost two years and i wanna make you to fall with me again like we first met. I may not get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart I truly know, you’re the one that I love, and I can’t let you go. This song is for us. I’ve been dreaming that i will turn on this song for our wedding. I love you so much Muhammad Ritzuan.




Lettura felice!


Finally my wish to go to the book fair at PWTC has been fulfilled. And most importantly, I got my books that I want so bad. First book is Langit Vanilla from Wani Ardy. She is my lecturer. I’m happy for getting to know her, though, it’s for a while. Wait! I just remembered something. She’s gonna teach me in Writing Theory on next semester. Yeay! I love this book because she uses a very simple language which means easy to understand and every stanza of a poem and every story have its own meaning. Deeply, implied. Wanna know more about this book. Go and get it!

Second books are Cinta Kau dan Aku, Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu and Takdir itu milik aku written by Siti Rosmizah. She has been one of my favorite Malay novelists. It is very worth it to have novels of her. So far, I’m not disappointed of collecting all of her novels.

I’m glad that i met her. At first,  I was like where is she. Please, Bring me to meet her. My mom was giving me an I-DON’T-GIVE-A-DAMN face. Haha.

Suddenly, i saw a picture of her. A big one in front of exit door. I went in. I saw someone with sunglasses and brown hijab. And then i asked her.

Me : Are you Siti Rosmizah? (Pretending that i haven’t met her before)
SR : Yes. (Smiled at me)
Me : I’d like to have your signature. (Excited)
SR  : Sure (She took the novel from my hand
Me : You wanna go home?
SR : Yup! What’s your name?
Me : Athirah. Owh! A-T-H-I-R-A-H. (I hate to do that every time people wanna write my name!)
SR : Thank you Athirah for supporting me.
Me: (I was just giving her an adorable smile and saying) See ya!

She looked pretty you know!

You guys must believe that i had bought so many books. These past few days, i don’t know why, i kept buying books. Oh please, i don’t wanna know how much I’ve spent money for that. A day before, i went to KINOKUNIYA, KLCC. Alone. I didn’t know where to go and then i decided to go to the bookshop. And i was like it’s hard to decide on which one to choose. It ended up with grabbed-all-the-books session. All i did was grabbing the books that i saw in front of my eyes. JUST GRAB. I had spent a hundred for those books yawww! This is what we call BOOKS ADDICT. I love to read and i think i need to read. Why? It gains knowledge. In fact, it avoids us for being dotage.

Last but not least, i met NAJWA accidentally at the book fair. Wahhhh. She looked different. She has turned a bit chubby. Hehe. She’s very beautiful. Najwa, you’d promised me to come to my house. I’m waiting for you. =)

Here, i show you guys several pictures of mine. I hope you guys like it.
For those who have already bought books at PWTC book fair. Lettura felice! (Happy reading!)

TAKDIR ITU MILIK AKU with Siti Rosmizah.
LANGIT VANILLA written by Wani Ardy.
NAJWA AMEER ALI. We have the same color of handbag! =D
These are the books that i bought at KINOKUNIYA, KLCC. BTW, do you guys notice the SYDNEY map? Actually i pasted it on my wall in my room as my inspiration to study harder! (I want further my studies in overseas. InsyaALLAH)
I bought these books with a blink of an eye. Don’t say anything. Please.

My family and i had our dinner at Pizza Hut, Lucky Garden, Bangsar. OMG! Arifah! What’s happening??? Why did you turning like that?

Thank you for reading,
Eat lots of chocolates