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You’re still our hero

We have known that Lee Chong Wei has been defeated by Lin Dan just now. I thought that if Lee Chong Wei don’t be a winner then it could be okay but it happened contrastly. It was shocked to see Lee Chong Wei cried and disappointed. Frankly speaking, i felt like crying. It fucking broke my heart! Did you see how fucking down he was? I hate you Lin Dan. More than ever! How dare you broke Lee’s heart!

 I can see that he was actually crying when he received the medal. Not a happy one but the other way round. Okay fine, i really feel like killing Lin Dan now.

I know that Lee Chong Wei wants to be a champion in Olympic before he backs off or retires from the badminton world but i think he never loses. He always a winner. It was just he accidentally  pushed the stupid lob past the baseline! So for me, it was just Lin Dan’s luck. Not more than that! 

Also, I know that he has given his full energy and determination to win this Olympic tournament but the destiny has shown that it was not his luck to be a winner. I can see that he felt so intense in order to lead in those game sets. Of course he can do it but it was all because of his small mistakes. If he paid more attention, i think he can be a winner. The distance of the score is only two (19-21). But all in all, even though Lee Chong Wei lost in Olympic but he still a Malaysia’a hero. No one can replace him. Never. He is so irreplaceable. Lee Chong Wei is always number one. His contribution for Malaysia will always being remembered all times.

We will always love you Lee Chong Wei.
I know that this is kind of immature but i really wanna say this. Lin Dan. You are so f****** shit!