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One day at Aquaria KLCC with my sayang. ❤ ❤ ❤

On May 9, 2011, Monday. Last week, my sayang brought me to a place which i really wanted to visit. Guess? It was Aquaria KLCC! It was very fun. There were many kinds of animal species which i’d seen. For example, shark, starfish, grouper, bee, jellyfish and the most horrid animal was the rats! Damn big! Amused the gods! It was a very great place to visit and worth it.

We really enjoyed the moment. Thank you sayang for brought me there. We had created another memorable moments together. We captured the images, we recorded the videos, we talked with the fishes (it was the funniest moment =D) we walked at the park, and we ate mcflurry together. I love every single of our moments. Thank you sayang. Heart you! ❤

Sayang! I wear your sunglasses. =)
Haha. You wear my glasses either! You look different. I like it. ❤
The excitement begins. =)
OMG! These are the biggest rats that i ever seen. What horrid!
What is close behind us honey? I’ve forgotten already. 😉
Best shot! I love this one. =)))
Wow! Look at the shark. So fierce. Grrr. Looking for a victim maybe.
When i saw this frog. I was like what the **** is this??!
The view is so beautiful.
Honey! I ❤ U
We belong together. ❤
❤  doesn’t make world go round ❤ is what makes the ride worthwile.

Sayang. Thank you for brought me to such beautiful place. I’m excited because we can spend time together. You always make me happy. You always be there when i’m sad. This date is the most meaningful date coz  i brought you to meet my family. I’m happy because you can adapt yourself with my family. They liked you. =) It was a gorgeous day. I ❤ U so much. It doesn’t matter where you go in life, what you do or how much you have, it’s who you have beside you. I’m so glad i have you!  ❤ ❤ ❤


Happy Mother’s Day Mama.❤ ❤

Mama. Tomorrow is a very special day. I want to wish u a Happy Mother’s Day!!! I want to say thank you very much for being the best mom for me, brothers, and sisters. Although i know i’m not a good girl and not listening to u. Sometimes we fight for no reason. It doesn’t mean i don’t love u, Mama. Thank you so much for always be patient with me. 

I remember the time I was sick,  Mama was the one who take care of me. When I had problems, my mom was the one who always help and u listen to what i wanna say. Mama, you always be there for me and give your support when i’d been veiled of sadness. Mama , i wanna let u know that you’re my  best friend till the end of my life. Mama, you are a great mom. Mama, you are my idol to be successful. 

There’s one thing i wanna tell you, i’m really impressed with the personality of you; strong, intelligent, nice and great. Honestly mom. I hate those people who look down on you. I swear if I see and meet people like that I would attack them immediately. They don’t even know about you, the real you. I promise I will study hard. I want to be like you Mama. I want to make you proud. Happy Mother’s Day Mama. I love you with all my heart Mama. Thank you very much Mama.

 Mama, thank you for accepting me the way i am.
 Mama, you are my inspiration.
 You are the greatest mom.
You are a wonder woman.
I still remember your favourite song. U told me that you love this song since you were in high school.

Girl, tell me only this
That I’ll have your heart for always
And you want me by your side
Whispering the words I’ll always love you
And forever I will be your lover
And I know if you really care
I will always be there
Now I need to tell you this
There’s no other love like your love
And i,as long as I live,
I’ll give you all the joy
My heart and soul can give
Let me hold you
I need to have you near me
And I feel with you in my arms
This love will last forever
Because I’m truly
Truly in love with you girl
I’m truly head over heels with your love
I need you, and with your love I’m free
And truly,you know you’re alright with me

You love to cook spaghetti for breakfast. U said you used to eat this food when you were in USA.

You love Bonia stuff. I can see that when we went to shop together.

I love you Mama so much as the trees love water and sunshine, u help me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.
I love you for what you are and i love every single thing about you.

Mama, you are like a poem, I’ll never be able to write. Though everything I write, is a poem to you, Mama.

I ❤ U

I’ll miss you my little kitty. :"(

Today is a very sad day. My brother Aizat had waken me up early in the morning and told me the bad news. Our little kitty already dead! I went to the downstairs and it was very sad when I saw it lying in the cage. The most dissappointed is, the desire in me to bring my kitty to the veterinary clinic had not achieved. I really wanna bring it  to the clinic today but what to do :”( . I noticed on yesterday night, the way it walked, it didn’t wanna eat, it didn’t wanna drink. I never thought that it could died today. Now, i left two kittens only. I’ll miss you. ❤ 

OMG!!! I made cupcakes finally. =)))

I thought i want to update my blog yesterday. But I didn’t have enough time to do so coz i got tired already. Let me begin my story. Yesterday, i didn’t know what to do. One word. BORED! Mama just got back home from work. Mama suggested for me to make cupcakes. She said “Tyra, it’s time for you to learn how to make cupcakes.”It was a good idea. Mama gave me the recipe. Then finally, i decided to do that. I was afraid at first if it didn’t work but whocares! When there’s a will, there’s a way right??? =DDD. Well, u guys better check this out! 
This is the recipe how to make “HONEY CUPCAKE”


  1. 2 eggs
  2. 2 cups of self-raising flour
  3. 1 cup of fine sugar
  4. 1 cup of condense milk
  5. 1 cup of cooking oil
  6. 1 cup of water
  7. 1 tea spoon of baking powder
  8. 1 tea spoon of vanila essence
  9. 1/2 cup of chocolate powder          


  • Mix the sugar and eggs together and beat it.
  • Put the vanilla essence into the mixture.
  • Put the condense milk.
  • Put the self-raising flour, chocolate powder and baking powder that have been stirred.
  • Don’t forget to put cooking oil and water.
  • Lastly, put 1/2 of mixture into a cup.
  • Bake it for 20-30 minutes.


Let me show you my kitchen first. =) 
Taddaa! This is my kitchen.
Alright! Let’s get it started!
The mixture of eggs, fine sugar, and condense milk.
Put the self-raising flour. Keep stirring.
Put the baking powder.
Put the cooking oil and chocolate powder. Then, stir the mixture.
Posing glance! Hee. =)
Put the mixture into the several cups. Remember! 1/2 of cup only.
Bake it into an oven for 20-30 minutes.
Smileeeyyyy. =))))
This is how it looks.

The taste is so marvellous. I guarantee! U should try this. Also, You can use your creativity to decorate your cupcake like u can put the chocolate chip, cream and some sorts.Plus, it gives satisfaction if u make it by your ownself instead of saving money! Thank you for reading.

Poetry Declamation Day For CT112 1A

This Poetry Declamation Day was held as Final Assessment Test for Language Style and Usage course on 7th of April 2011, Thursday. The venue was in Ayah AGI’s lecture room. Students who involved were from CT112 1A. There were many style of performance. For instance, poetry declamation, singing and acting! I was performing two poems, the title is ‘Sajak Hidup Bersama’ by A. Samad Said, another one is ‘Syair Kelebihan Ilmu’ by Za’aba and the last one i had to act. I chose a drama, the title is ‘Ibu Mertuaku’. I’m lucky because my eyesight is not that good. So, I can make any presentations without feeling nervous by removing my glasses or contact lenses. I had recorded some videos during the performance was carried out. I had watched it and i think i had humiliated by my own self in front of other people so badly! But overall, i had done my best to get the best mark for my assessment. I wanna upload all the videos in here but it takes so long to finish! But don’t worry all the pictures had been provided. U guys probably interested with the poems and script below. Happy reading!=)

p/s: Never jeer at me!

Kita sudah sampai di lereng amat indah, di bawah
pelangi, dalam ufuk yang masih mencabar;
dan kita ikhlas berjanji untuk bermaruah,
tenang dalam segala uji cabar dan debar.
Kita mencari hanya yang tulen dan jati,
sekata hidup, mengerti dan berbudi.
Kita wajar mendaki lagi kerana puncak
yang jauh. Dalam gelora dan taufan
tak tercalar tekad kita kerana kemerdekaan
mengasuh kita bersuara dalam sopan,
yakin menyanggah musuh, tulus menambah kawan,
inti tunggak dan menara kebahagian.
         I sang for this poem. I changed it into a song. The title is My Destiny by Jim Brickman and Jordan Hill.
Ilmu itulah gemala sakti,
Sinarnya cerah cahaya sejati,
Asal puncanya lamun didapati,
Sukar bercerai sehingga mati.
Harganya tidak dapat dinilaikan,
Sebuah dunia belinya bukan,
Kuasanya besar sukat digunakan,
Di laut di darat di rimba di pekan.
Masa seorang ialah taulan,
Teman berbeka suluh berjalan,
Masa berhimpun ia pengenalan,
Hias penyata polan si polan.
Bagi yang duka ia penghibur,
Ia penerang bagi yang kabur,
Ialah kandil di dalam kubur,
Lamun dengannya beramal subur.
Ia penerang jalan ke syurga,
Ia pemuas tekak yang dahaga,
Ialah sungai ialah telaga,

Laut yang luas ialah juga.
Ialah alat sangat berguna,
Idaman orang yang bijaksana,
Hamparnya luas amat saujana,
Tepinya ajal sempadannya fana.

I did the same thing by changed it into into a song. I picked up Siti Nurhaliza’s song, the title is Cindai.

1.      Saya tidak punya tempat tinggal, Dimana saja kaki saya terhenti, disitulah rumah saya.
2.      Mak, putuskan saja pertunangan saya dengan Ismadi.
3.      Putuskan! Kau dah gila ya?
4.       Kassim Selamat? Siapa Kassim Selamat? Lawyer? Majistret?
5.      Ahli muzik! Pantang nenek moyang aku berketurunan ahli muzik, Sabariah, aku beri kau tiga tempoh untuk berfikir. Kalu kau mahu kahwin laki-laki yang aku suka, hartaku kau miliki. Kalau kau kahwin laki-laki yang kau suka, kau boleh singkir dari rumahku.
6.      Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku. Kau selamatkanlah keluarga mereka dan berikanlah kebahagian kepadanya. Ku mohon padamu Ya Allah, walaupun nyawaku di tukar ganti.
7.      Wahai mak, kenapalah kau dicipta menjadi manusia. Kan lebih baik kau jadi haiwan.
8.      Astaghfirullah.. Kassim.. aku dah btua. Maafkan aku Kassim, aku salah Kassim.
9.      Mak, kenapa mak menangis?
10.  Mak menangis bukan kerana sedih. Tapi gumbira melihat perubahan kamu chek.

Fiera helped me to be an additonal actress for my acting! We had done it successfully. Thanks Fiera. =D

These are my classmates and my lecturer, Abdul Ghaffar Ibrahim. We used to call him ‘Ayah AGI’. They were so great during the performance.

Fiera and i, we got the same mark for this assessment. Alhamdulillah.

His name is Shah. He’s so good in Malay Literature. His mark? Of course his mark is higher than me and fiera! Hey Shah, don’t be too proud okay. I’ll beat you. Hahahaha.

Nana, Joe and Wawa. They look so happy.

Everybody is waiting for their turn to perform.
Now i know that there are various style to perform poems. We can sing it or just say it. The shape of poems presentation is not specific. The most important is the way we send the message of the poems and try to express it with all of our heart so that people will feel and understand it. It was a very great moment because i can see the talent inside me and my friends.



Semester Break Is All About Assignments.

Semester break begins on the 30th day of April. It’s not happy to say that the holiday is only 3 weeks! There are two assignments that i have to prepare. First is biograpy and second is autobiography. Both biography and autobiography are actually second semester works. I don’t know why i got the spirit to do those assignments. Haha. Actually I want to read a new novel that i bought at the Book Fair which was held in PWTC last Saturday. After i finished my examination, my family brought me to the Book Fair. It was fun but it was so tiring. There were many people on that time. I just can’t imagine i had to squeeze with other people. It was so crowded! Whatever it is, those assignments are need to be done. I hate procrastinating in doing my works. Honest to say, It’s hard to spend time for myself. It’s all about assignments, assignments and assignments! This is life as a student which i cannot avoid from finishing assignments. Wish me luck okay! Btw, u guys can take a look some pictures of mine at PWTC. =)

While i was waiting to get her autograph, my brain was thinking to be like her one day. Haha.
                    This was the time i met Siti Rosmizah. The author of  new novel ‘7 Hari Mencintaiku’.
I don’t know what Asyraf and Arisya were learning about. They were so cute!
It was so crowded. I can’t stand it!

He’s a book-worm.

These are my brothers. Arif and Aizat.

Arina gives full attention on her book.
It was fun actually. Because this was my first time went to the Book Fair with my family. Totally love it!!