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Always stickwitme

Just so you know, Awan has gone back to Malacca. He’s gonna be in 2nd semester this time. But Alhamdulillah. Kami sempat berjumpa. It was like must-spending time together. I was so happy because we both really had a great time together. We went for watching movie, dinner and karaoke (first time had a karaoke with him!). He fetched me at Puncak Perdana around 6 and then he brought me to The Curve. We spent our time together in there. My favorite place ever! This time we had dinner at T.G.I Friday’s, it full of awesomeness. Awan makan paling banyak! Me? Omagaddddd! Eventhough, they served only two steaks in one plate but you know, I was only eating one steak but hence, my stomach blew off! Haha. The taste of the food was so marvelous! And it’s very sure that we will go to the place again next time. Tapi kena tunggu Awan balik la. Haha. I chose Tennessee Chicken and Chocolate Milk Shake while Awan chose Sirloin Steak and Strawberry Milk Shake. I know, he will be happy every time he gets the delicious food. Dia ni kuat makan sikit and no wonder he becomes fatter! Haha. 

At first, we wanna had our dinner at The Garden but the menu was like “lebih baik makan dekat food court je.” The price was hell expensive and not worth it. Ala. The menu is kind of like food court. You know like Laksa, Nasi Lemak but the price? Goshh! Then, we preferred to go to the T.G.I Friday’s. Even though the price is quite expensive but it’s worth it! =)

Karaoke? Haha. Technically, his voice was totally screwed up! Haha. Jangan marah ye sayang. As usual, I was the one who conquered the karaoke session! Haha. I sang Catch me by Demi Lovato. I used to sing that song when I was in High School. I just love it!
We watched Safe House. The film is full of action and murder. My first plan was watching Haywire but you know the promoter kept promoting us to watch it. I’m kind of person pantang sikit kena promote. Haha. Maybe we’re gonna watch Haywire next time. By the way, take a look of several pictures of us. Have a good time and spread more love! 

The story of a love is not important. What is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity


Fast Track? It’s not my destiny.

Hey guys! I’m sorry for not updating any posts right here lately because I’ve been busy these few days with enormous assignments. I really wanna share my flamboyant story with you guys. Two days ago’ my faculty was held a function; it’s called Hari Bersama Dekan. I got a dean’s award as well on that day.
There’s nothing I can say but Alhamdulillah. I got dean’s award for two semesters so far. I know that I need to push myself more in order to get excellent result. It’s undeniable that it’s damn difficult to constant the result. We need to give full commitment on it without fail. Can I do it? Of course somehow I doubt with my own capability. All I can say is I need to push and push so that I can get the Anugerah Naib Canselor. Finally I say it! I’m afraid to hope of the thing that hard to achieve. What if it cannot be real as we thought? It is pretty sure disappointed isn’t it? But it is not impossible right? Goshhh! I’m trembling, my hands are shaking, my head is spinning. What else? Haha.
Oh! There’s one thing that I wanna tell you guys. Do you still remember there was a post that I wrote about my plan to join fast track (jump to degree)? I’ve made up my mind and decided to not to join it and it’s an affirm decision . Why? Because I think that it’s proper to finish the Diploma first. Actually, I got a sign or maybe in other word destiny or takdir. You know what actually I’m neither upset nor disappointed with this decision because the real thing is I just go with the flow in this life. Kalau ada rezeki nak buat penerapan, ada lah but if it’s  not, I just assume it as destiny from ALLAH.
Now, my aim is to get Anugerah Naib Canselor! Like AJ said, “Tyra, you tak nak ANC ke?” You know what?! AJ has told me that a hundred times! Hahaha. see, it’s a sign either! Doctor Aida, my lecturer has called me today and she said that maybe there’s a good thing that waits for you for the future if you carry on the Diploma. I totally believe in that! Also, Ritzuan does’nt agree for me to join degree because you know he’s got an experience too, yeah! He’s kind of a fast tracker as well and he said that it’s hard to cope and to be freshyyyyy for something that actually you already have known. I need to be patient and you know just be patient and cool. Good thing comes to those who wait. I just love the line of the song!  I just want you guys to pray the best for me because that’s the way ALLAH hears us.

Thanks a bunch sayang for the adorable roses and the yummy chocolate. Those are such perfect gift for me. I was touched by the thing that u had done. OMG! Thank you b sebab datang! It’s an honor you know. =D I love you.

Let me introduce you guys, she’s known as AJ. She’s my roommate either. You know what, i realized about something funny during the Dean’s award function, almost of my roommates had gotten Dean’s Award. Hahaha. Tapi tak dapat nak tangkap semua. :”(
I think everybody knows him. He is my Dean, Prof A. Razak Mohaideen. My classmates and i will be pitching in his class but don’t know  when. It’s freaking hell me out.
These are my friends, Zaf, Screen student while on the right side is Zaidah, Writing student, she’s my housemate. Technically, both of them are my seniors but we have the same age. =D

I love to be her friend, she has a genius attitude!

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