The Last Song (The first novel that given by Awan)

I’ve spent most of time with reading books, novel technically. By now; I read this novel, THE LAST SONG written by Nicholas Spark. This novel is very meaningful to me because Ritzuan had bought it for me at Sun@Mag, The Curve. He knows that I love to read books. Thank you honey! =)
I want to finish this novel as soon as possible so that I can watch the movie. Actually, I‘d bought the DVD already. I wanna compare between the story line in novel and movie whether it has similarities or conversely.
Plus, I love the way Sparks wrote this novel, it’s not really like a novel. It is more to screen play. (If you are a film student, then you’ll know it). Moreover, he is a screen play writer in The Last Song. So, no wonder if he used to be a script writer then he’ll use the skill that he has into his novels. In my observation, Sparks doesn’t use flourish words too frequent in his novel. It’s more to straight forward.  It’s pretty hard if someone used to be a novel writer and suddenly converted to be a script writer. The writing technique is completely different. Learning process is most probably needed. The Last Song novel is so gonna be my reference in writing screen play after this!
I love to collect novels that have been adapted into major motion picture so that I can learn about adaptation. Like TWILIGHT and ONE DAY. I’ve collected those novels already. I haven’t read One Day yet. I’m pretty busy doing a small business selling hotdog, cookies, filament stick and mineral water in my sisters’ school . Alhamdulillah. So far so good.
I’m gonna buy Confession of Shopaholic novel and probably Gossip Girl novel series one day as well as 127 Hours. It must be good to read them! =)
p/s: Thank you b for gave me such a wonderful thing. I love the The Last Song. I wish i could watch the movie with you.
Thank you for reading
Eat lots of chocolate

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