Lettura felice!


Finally my wish to go to the book fair at PWTC has been fulfilled. And most importantly, I got my books that I want so bad. First book is Langit Vanilla from Wani Ardy. She is my lecturer. I’m happy for getting to know her, though, it’s for a while. Wait! I just remembered something. She’s gonna teach me in Writing Theory on next semester. Yeay! I love this book because she uses a very simple language which means easy to understand and every stanza of a poem and every story have its own meaning. Deeply, implied. Wanna know more about this book. Go and get it!

Second books are Cinta Kau dan Aku, Lafazkan Kalimah Cintamu and Takdir itu milik aku written by Siti Rosmizah. She has been one of my favorite Malay novelists. It is very worth it to have novels of her. So far, I’m not disappointed of collecting all of her novels.

I’m glad that i met her. At first,  I was like where is she. Please, Bring me to meet her. My mom was giving me an I-DON’T-GIVE-A-DAMN face. Haha.

Suddenly, i saw a picture of her. A big one in front of exit door. I went in. I saw someone with sunglasses and brown hijab. And then i asked her.

Me : Are you Siti Rosmizah? (Pretending that i haven’t met her before)
SR : Yes. (Smiled at me)
Me : I’d like to have your signature. (Excited)
SR  : Sure (She took the novel from my hand
Me : You wanna go home?
SR : Yup! What’s your name?
Me : Athirah. Owh! A-T-H-I-R-A-H. (I hate to do that every time people wanna write my name!)
SR : Thank you Athirah for supporting me.
Me: (I was just giving her an adorable smile and saying) See ya!

She looked pretty you know!

You guys must believe that i had bought so many books. These past few days, i don’t know why, i kept buying books. Oh please, i don’t wanna know how much I’ve spent money for that. A day before, i went to KINOKUNIYA, KLCC. Alone. I didn’t know where to go and then i decided to go to the bookshop. And i was like it’s hard to decide on which one to choose. It ended up with grabbed-all-the-books session. All i did was grabbing the books that i saw in front of my eyes. JUST GRAB. I had spent a hundred for those books yawww! This is what we call BOOKS ADDICT. I love to read and i think i need to read. Why? It gains knowledge. In fact, it avoids us for being dotage.

Last but not least, i met NAJWA accidentally at the book fair. Wahhhh. She looked different. She has turned a bit chubby. Hehe. She’s very beautiful. Najwa, you’d promised me to come to my house. I’m waiting for you. =)

Here, i show you guys several pictures of mine. I hope you guys like it.
For those who have already bought books at PWTC book fair. Lettura felice! (Happy reading!)

TAKDIR ITU MILIK AKU with Siti Rosmizah.
LANGIT VANILLA written by Wani Ardy.
NAJWA AMEER ALI. We have the same color of handbag! =D
These are the books that i bought at KINOKUNIYA, KLCC. BTW, do you guys notice the SYDNEY map? Actually i pasted it on my wall in my room as my inspiration to study harder! (I want further my studies in overseas. InsyaALLAH)
I bought these books with a blink of an eye. Don’t say anything. Please.

My family and i had our dinner at Pizza Hut, Lucky Garden, Bangsar. OMG! Arifah! What’s happening??? Why did you turning like that?

Thank you for reading,
Eat lots of chocolates

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