Hi everyone! I’m proudly wanna tell you that i have bought Demi Lovato’s brand new album. UNBROKEN. This is her 3rd album after DON’T FORGET and HERE WE GO AGAIN. But unfortunately i have no these two albums. Why? Because i’m a stingy person! Haha. No. These Demi’s albums were come out during i was still in high school. I have no enough money to buy those albums. But now, my dream has come true. Yeay!

I just love her since i was in 4th form. She started to be well-known after she being a main star in CAMP ROCK. OMG! I still remember the time i was collecting all her posters and paste it on the wall of my room. It was so bulky. Hahaha.

The REAL reason why i love her so much is she is very TALENTED. Her voice is totally great. For me, she is not like another teen stars nowadays like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez whose voice is not really suitable-to-be-a-singer. (Sorry!) I become excited to see the way she sings a song. She’s very energetic and really feel the song. The thing that i really know is she’s very sincere in singing a song. =’)

To be honest, i’m not disappointed with all the songs in this album. In contary, i love all the songs so much. I’ve been waiting for her to held a concert in Malaysia. Can’t wait for that! To all Demi Lovato’s fans. You guys are so must get UNBROKEN album. It’s guaranteed that you guys will love it. Okay bye. =)

 Thank you for reading.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Luv skyscrapper! When she sings Live.. It does not have much diff.. It means, SHE IS REAL!! *ehem* not *ehem* like *ehem* other *ehem* disney *ehem* stars…


  2. Hai pHoenix! you love demi?! =D I'm totally agree with you. She has an amazing vocal. She has proven that she's very talented singer and not just chasing and trying to be into the glamorous world like others.


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