Long distance relationship

Hello guys. It’s been a very long time i update nothing in here. Well. I’m pretty busy and lately there are many things happen to me (bad and good). Bad? I don’t wanna tell in here. It’s just let me and my closest ones keep this bad story. Okayyyy? Haha. 

Actually, i wanna tell you guys about my story. This time let me begin with my love life. Heee. You know what, Awan and i haven’t met up for a month and few days. What a long time right! I assume it as a test for both of us to see how loyal we are. On that time there are many kinds of feelings in my heart. It’s sort of a combination of anger + upset + missing + cried + love. If you guys ever know how it feels like to be in a long  distance relationship, you’ll face these kinds of feelings and situations. Frankly speaking, i hate this long distance relationship. If i can, i wanna meet him everyday but this is why we call it as a destiny. Allah has determined that in order to be together in future Athirah and Ritzuan must face this and that. I hope everything will be fine. Please do pray for us. 

When i met him, he was totally different, i was like WHAT A LONG HAIR! Haha. We watched movies. It was TITANIC 3D. Then we talked about many things. We seriously had a very long conversation.

Sayang, i hope you know that i really love to see you with a short hair. It absolutely makes me blown away to see you in that way. Haha. But….i still love you.
He came to my house and met my family. My mom and dad asked him to had a lunch together with us. I can see that my family was so happy to see him. We talked about many things. We laughed. You know what, my brother Asyraf had asked Awan many tips how to prepare for SPM. OMG! I just hate to remember that moment. It was like we had a tuition or a seminar or something. He had no time to spend with me and it happened in my own house! Haha. Well, whatever. I had done to be merajuk with him. Haha. Also, one more thing i cooked spaghetti bolognese for his family. I’m glad to hear that his family really love my spaghetti. Alhamdulillah. Lepas ni, ayang masak lagi tau. Haha.

Well, tomorrow we’ll see again before he goes back to UTeM. Of course i’ll miss him. AGAIN. But i can’t wait to see him right after i start my new semester. Why do i say so? It’s because he will be in his semester break. That is the time we’ll meet very frequent. =D

I will always love you.

Thank you for reading.
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