One Funny Moment at CTU Class.

On these past few days, i don’t know why funny things happened to me? It was all happened when i had problem that i just can’t handle and suddenly it affected me you know. I supposed to go to the CTU class at 4.00 pm but i didn’t know why the hell on earth i went to the class at 2.30. The story begins when i felt so low and down because i fought with someone. I just force my self to not to cry! But you know instead of forcing myself to not to cry,  it made me lose focus in doing something!!!!

OMG! AJ (my roommate) told me that Abid (AJ and Abid are screen students) has laughed out loud until he cried out on the floor of thinking how did i look when i was entering into a wrong class. Actually, i had had entered their class. My class supposed to start after their class.OMG! It was so embarrassing! I know it was my mistake. I supposed to look around first to make sure i go to the right class but i was just ketuk and pakai redah je and dengan confidentnya cakap “Ustaz, i’m so sorry sebab lambat.” Then, Ustaz showed me a strange face, then i looked at every face of the students in the class but i still cannot accept that i had had entered into a wrong class. With blurr face, i said “where are the rest?” then AJ sambil gelak kuat gila gaban said “Tyra, kelas you lepas kitorang lah, you dah silap masuk kelas ni.” At this moment, i think my brain had started to work, then i realized that it is true that i’ve had entered into a wrong class. Dengan rasa terkejutnya, i said out loud “Really? OMG! Bapak malu glerr! Serious malu gilerrr!” At this time i felt that, i didn’t know what to do and you know i was very menggelabah. Everybody was laughing at me. Eventually, i decided to join the class. AJ offered me to seat at the front side. It will be a NO okay! Dah malu glerr kowt. Then, i seat at the back. I know that Ustaz wanted to laugh too but he tried to remain calm. Hahaha.

This story never ends here and people (Screen students) are still teasing me up. Fuhh! What a shame! They said that, they’ll never forget this incident forever. AJ said that this kind of incident is very rare to happened. It is very unforgettable moment ever!!!!!

Every day, I have a most embarrassing moment.

2 responses to this post.

  1. seriously, lawak giler! apepun jgn bg bnde lain pengaruh kite okay.


  2. tau xpe. ok kak art. thnx so much 4 da advice. =)


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