New determination.

Today, I started a new fresh day as if like I’m goin to the first class and to be on new semester. I need to learn how to wake up early. I wanna forget the incident that happened between me and Madam Rosza. Whatever it is, I’m not hate her because she’s my lecturer and always be. The important thing is I must improve myself to be punctual and remind myself to not wasting my time with sleep. I do feel tired of wake up early every day but what to do right? I must train myself from now on. I feel so fresh. It’s like breathing new atmosphere by woke up early in the morning and perform the solah. 
I pray to Allah so that He will help me and guide me to face all the challenges today. I don’t want to give up. I feel beautiful today. Like seriouslayyyyy okay! But unfortunately my gum is in pain. Haha. I’m going to have a new tooth! My baby tooth. LOL! This morning I’ve watched many hijab tutorials. Yeah, like I said I wanna feel different and beautiful. It’s  true, now I’m feeling beautiful with hijab of leopard style.  I wanna go to the clinic and then straight away to my class. Don’t wanna be late. Chow!  
I wanna everybody loves me including my lecturer.

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