365 days is just the beginning of many more awesome days with you.

For our first anniversary, we have celebrated it at Sunway Lagoon. We didn’t plan it at all. It happened all of a sudden. At first I was planning to have a dinner at Garden or maybe we can have a karaoke together (So far kami tidak pernah berkaraoke) and probably walk around at shopping complex. But it had changed right after Ritzuan asked me to go to Genting Highland. I was like “Are you serious?” and Yes! He was serious but at the end of the time, all tickets had been sold out! So, he decided to go to Sunway Lagoon. I was excited because I’ve never been there before. I brought my little cute sister, Arina to join with us.

I can see that she was so happy on that time. For the first time, I tried  something that I never try before like Roller Coaster and Pirate’s Revenge. Okay, I know that I’m kind of ketinggalan zaman. Oh My God! Those things have made my heart blowing up! Seriously!. I felt like I was willing to kill myself by playing those things especially Pirate’s Revenge! I still remember  the time when we walked along the bridge, it was sweetest thing ever. I was scared then he tried to persuade me as if he tried to protect me. I hold his hand tightly, I knew it was hurt but he said nothing.

I’m so glad that he liked the gift that I gave to him. I can see the sincere smile upon his face. It became wider and wider. I love to see when he smiles. He also had given me something that I wished one day I could get it from someone special. I don’t wanna but it myself. And he had fulfilled my wish. Hee. Suka sangat!  Actually, it is a big teddy bear. It is so cute. His name is ‘Bebear’. I brought him to accompany me during I sleep. Now he’s in my room. I love Bebear coz when I’m starting to hug him, automatically I will get sleep. You see, how magic it is. Haha. Thanks so much B for the comel montel bebear.  I’ll take care of it okay.

Alhamdulillah. Syukur. For today, Our relationship has reached one year already!!! I’m glad that we both have gone through all ups and downs, bad and good times together. Now we know how to manage relationship conflicts and creating a better relationship. Love brought me and Ritzuan together as loving couple and gave each of him a best friend for life. B, there is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to me. Thank you so much for the unlimited and infinity love that you give to me. I love you so much. May today be filled with happy memories of the past and bright hopes for the future.
My love is unconditional,
So unlike the setting sun,
because my heart will shine forever,
for me, you’ll always be the one.

2 responses to this post.

  1. wah…. bahagianyer korg…..so sweet.. dating bwk Arina plak yer.. cute la Arina tu… N'way… suke ngan lagu ni… =)


  2. haha. thanks so much kak nor!!! doakan kami tw. yup2 kali ni tira bawak arina pulak. kesian dia nak ikut. lgpon dia rapat dgn ritzuan ni. tau xpe, lagu ni best kan. ni lagu baru christina perri. =)


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