Tears of happiness.

I felt nervous when i kept thinking about this second semester result. I just can’t predict because i admit that last semester was so hard and i admit that i was so struggle for it. I wanted to give my best in every subject. One word. TIRING. But Allah will pay all of our hardworks. Trust me. Alhamdulillah. Okay. I realized that it would be getting harder as semester goes on and i’m not glad to say that my pointer has dropped down! Like Ritzuan said. “The different is only 1.9!” (I’m talking about my CGPA not GPA) Haha. He calculated so fast. Unfortunately, his girlfriend is such a lembab in Maths. LOL. Alright! For those who know my first semester result, automatically they will know my pointer now. haha. The clue has given there. I do feel sad because of the decreasing of my pointer but but but i still thank to Allah by giving me the best result. I still hold the Dean List title. Alhamdulillah again. =’)
Should i tell you guys what my pointer is? Baiklah, dengan ini saya memberitahu bahawa saya mendapat tiga perpuluhan enam lima for this semester. I promise to my self that i will work more and more and more harder by next semester. There’s one thing that makes me open my eyes, actually it is very important for we to respect our lecturers. It’s not proper to insult lecturers. It’s an essential to get the “berkat” from them who teach us. This world has karma which we can’t be avoided. So, i really wanna change this bad behaviour that trapped into myself. I wanna get rid of it! And become more polite. Like my friend, Asyraf said, “No matter how we hate our lecturers, we need to learn how to like them.”

I know it might not sound like a big deal to anyone else but i am actually proud of myself, i have achieved one thing in this year that i never actually thought i would do. I’m proud of myself because of how i’ve gotten myself here today. Alhamdulillah syukur. =’) These things below are something that i’ve been through and how i handle it. You guys better check this out! =D


Irritation: … so much shit/bullshit goin on
Motivation: after all of this, something good will come out of it
Determination: the urge to want all this distress to disappear
Inspiration: Find enjoyable things to do when all of this is over
Action: Do what you gotta do.
 Find your inner morality.

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  1. aiyoo. kau ni, rajin menstalker lah. haha. alhamdulillah syukur. kita usaha lg habis-habisan untuk sem yg akak datang. =')


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