The JPA problem has been successfully solved!

All i wanna do now is screaming out loud. Arrrggghhhh!!!! Alhamdulillah, this very important matter has been successfully solved. I’m goin with my father to send all the forms straight to the JPA Department by this Monday. U’ve no idea what i’ve been through all along on settling this JPA scholarship. I had been scolded by my parents. Do you know why? It is because of my behaviour! They said that i love to procrastinate in solving something that really important. The greatest barrier that i had faced was the time my printer had worned out! Masa aku nak print ni lah dia nak rosak. Grrrrr.

Luckily, the distance between my house and cybercafe is quite close! And it opens up till late morning. I just can’t imagine what happened to me if cyber cafe isn’t exist in area of my house. I went to the cyber cafe almost 3X to settle this matter. Bayangkanlah kelam kabut gilerr. I realized that there were many typing errors especially my address! Address aku ni banyak gilerr nak kena pakai word “jalan”, tak pernah dibuat orang.

But to settle this JPA scholarship is not difficult as PTPTN, the forms of PTPTN are damn thick! Aku pun tak faham kenapa tebal nak mampus. Kesian aku tengok kawan aku yang sampai mencarut nak selesaikan PTPTN, dah tu nak kena beratur lagi. Panjang nak mati. If one of the forms is not complete and yet there would be some mistakes, just a little mistake. You have to go back and correct it and then wait for your turn. Again! What suffer!

Thank God! JPA forms are not that thick. It made my work easier. So Tyra, be thankful okay. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. =) Thanks a bunch Mama, ayah for helped me out. I noticed that i’ve a contract with government for 4 years. Honest to say, i’m so glad! I don’t need to find a job after grad. I’m thinking about RTM right now but i wanna be a lecturer so badly! It’s okay Tyra. Let Allah do the rest. Believe in what you do and do your very best. Ritzuan keeps reminding me about that. Talking about him, i miss him. It has been a month i don’t meet him. =”(

The more you prepare, the luckier you appear.

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