Talking to myself

I woke up early this morning. Switched on the lappy and learned how to edit pictures. It’s quite fun and not as difficult as i thought. I wanna cook Nasi Goreng Kampung because i’m starving but i’m so scared to go downstairs. It’s so creepy. I wish you can be right here with me now. I wanna ask my brother to accompany me to cook but we both fight. We didn’t talk to each other since on the fasting month. Lama glerr kan? I don’t know what will happen next. Don’t tell me why. I don’t think it was my fault. If you were in my shoes then you will do the same thing. The emptiness has spread into myself. Why does everybody mess with me? I hate when i need to face this kind of situation. 
My head seems to have headache. Maybe it shocked because i woke up very early than i used to. (Blurr at the moment) Just so you know that i hate for those who love to mad at me. Who do you think you are? Don’t you ever think that you’re so strong. Don’t you ever think that you can scroll me down. I’m strong enough to against you. You need to know that i’m only a girl who needs your love and i’m counting on you. If you do love me, you’ll be patient with me. I know that, sometimes i’ve challenged your capability as a man but that’s the only way to know wether you really do love me or not. I know you love me. You’ve told me a thousand times. There are many things in my mind. I just can’t figure out to shape all of it into words. It’s just so hard as my heart has broken up like a broken mirror. Thank you very much!
I wish you can read what’s inside my heart. It’s my only request. But you just can’t fulfil it. Every teardrop of mine seems not precious to you anymore.

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