New chapter of my life.

I feel great with my new image. I feel different. Good different. I’m glad that Allah has given me a chance to change. I know that most of my friends shocked with my new appearance. I do this because i really wanna change since a very long time ago but i didn’t know what barrier had stopped me to do this good thing. So, i’ve decided to wear hijjab no matter what happen. Also, i really wanna change my behaviour. I don’t wanna be an unappreciative person and i don’t wanna feel aweful everyday. You have no idea what i feel every single day.

The thing that i keep thinking is die! I don’t know the day that i’m goin to die. Everybody doesn’t know the day. I realize that Allah has given me everything such as good result, JPA scholarship, allowance, caring and loving boyfriend, family that always be there when i need them. The conclusion is, i’m having a good life. Every human will face many kinds of problems and so do i. There were one thing that causes me to change but it’s too private to be published. Sorry.

But whatever it is, no matter how bad the feelings are, i won’t let them to control me and i need to do something. At first, i was scared to change, you know certain people keep bad-mouthing about me, someone’s heart which full of bad things. Trust me! I’ve found so many people before who loved to talk rubbish about other people. I really wanna be far with these types of people. Most of my friends said to me that just ignore them. Most importantly, you know who you really are. I would like to thank all of my friends for supporting me and courage me to be a better person. Without you. I’m nothing. All i ever wanted is, i don’t wanna be afraid, i wanna wake up feeling good everyday. Keep me this faith Allah. Thank you Allah.

Btw, this is a story of mine. Hee. We were having dinner at Pizza Hut in Kota Damansara yesterday. Check this out! =D

Okay, ada 4 orang lagi my sibs yang tak ada dalam gambar ni. =D

Thank you Mama, Ayah for the yummy pizzassss.  Don’t be shocked. My parents need to buy at least 5 set of pizzas for us. =D
They are my Mama and Ayah. That little girl is my last sista. Her name is Arisya Adibah. She is sooooo manja.


With my brother, Asyraf.

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”


3 responses to this post.

  1. sweet family :Dmiss your chomell brother..hikhik..


  2. REALLY? xjumpa dia ke?


  3. jumpee.. :3


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