If a hug represented how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever.

Hey guys. Today I was dating with my boy, Ritzuan. He was just got back from UTeM. We met at KLCC. It has been 3 weeks we didn’t meet each other. For me it’s a very long days! I’m not used to not to meet him in such long days before. But I feel so happy right now that finally I met him. To see his smile. His laughter. His tease. Oh gosh! I miss him so badly. We had our lunch at KFC and we had a very nice conversation.

Suddenly, he asked me that he wanted to tell me something. Yeah! It was a sad news that he can’t be on my birthday on this 5th October as he’s going to seat for an Electric Test. He told me that he scared to tell me this. Haha. I just can’t pretending that actually I do feel sad. He promised me that he will celebrate my birthday on the next day that is Thursday (6th October 2006). But I can’t be selfish because I love him so much. He has been so nice to me. I can see that he’s trying his best to make I’m happy and he becomes sad when I’m not happy. I don’t wanna hurt his feelings. Never again. I know test is a very important thing. We can’t skip it just like that as it has become our carry mark. To make it short, it will safe us if our examination results suck! Even me still depends on test either. Alright! I’m not goin to babble about test. Zip it okay Tyra.

I don’t know why he keeps saying that i’m so buncit. Hahaha.
Back to the real story…
Ritzuan and I watched movie together. This time, his turn to choose which movie that we gonna watch. That is one of our rules in ourrelationship in order to be tolerant to each other. LOL. Ahha! The title was Fright Night. I don’t know who the actors and actresess are. That movie was pretty cool. It’s all about vampire. But the storyline is different from Twilight series. There were many of shocked scenes and several of funny scenes. I was screaming all the time. Poor Ritzuan. He was the victim for me to kept turning back on his shoulder so that I can close my eyes immediately. So gedik kan? Ahha. All in all, we both loved the movie! I still remember the time we were watching the movie, Ritzuan kept saying that he was so happy to spend time with me. I felt so shy and kept smiling non stop.
Fright Night Trailer. =)
We captured many pictures back then. It was Ritzuan’s idea.Ahha. There were many pictures that had been captured by us. After that we had our dinner. As usual, I ordered Asam Laksa and Ritzuan ordered Curry mee. After that we bought some stuff at Watson and Chemelon Boutique. Thanks a bunch B for gave me a beautiful ring. It such a sweet gift. I totally love it. We had spent most of our day in KLCC. At first, i wanted to go to the Pavillion,but it’s so far to be there. I wasn’t able to walk that far. Ahha. He’s going to back to his campus tomorrow. I’ll miss him. We goin to meet again on this Thursday. Can’t wait for that! =D
This place has given a lot of memories of me and him. =)
Thanks B! I love this pic a lot.
It’s time to go back home. =)
Look at my hair. I don’t wanna cut it out. Sayang la pulak!
Love ya!
Whatever. =D
B. All I wanted to say is i don’t mind if you couldn’t celebrate my birthday. I just wanna you to always be by my side. It’s more than enough for me. I feel safe and comfortable when i’m with you. The days that we’ve been through together, it will always be a great moment, a great history for both of us. I like you because of yourself. There’s something special in you. You are so good different. I want you to know that i love you with all my heart andalways be. =’)

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  1. I love your cardigan. 🙂


  2. hahaha. You love leopard too? =D


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