Goodbye Science. Hello Art!

Certain people especially my old friends still don’t know that i had changed my course since one or two years ago. I can’t remember. So, before you ask me like this cliche question “What! Athirah baru semester 2?” It’s better i tell you that yeah! I’m now in UiTM, Puncak Perdana, studying a new course that is Diploma Creative Technology (Artistic Writing).You can’t imagine how happy i am to be in here. =) I had left Computer Science behind. I’m no longer taking a course that related to the science tingy just like before because you know why? It’s because i can’t do it. Full stop! I just don’t wanna hear “Athirah, kau tak rugi ke tukar course? Sayangnyerr. Course kau ni kerja apa? Bla Bla Bla…” Enough okay. I’m sick of it. Work? You don’t need to think about that yet. All you need to do is study! Let Allah do the rest. Every course has its own advantages. Otherwise, i’ve been investigated what this course is all about. I have my own reason why i choose this course. Don’t be too judgemental and narrow-minded. What for if we take a hardcore or fame course but we can’t make it at last? It’s much better for we take a course that suitable with our capability and we can score with flying colours. Thanks autie Ita for tell me that. I’m regret, it took a very long time to realize about this. If i know, i would take this course long time ago. I had been wasted  more than 6 months to study the things that i can’t do and i don’t like at all.

It’s soooooooo true!

 I still remember that i got many offers to further study. I was interested with these two offers only. Pharmacy at Masterskill and Chemical Engineering at UniKL. In my mind, i just wanna be an engineer. OMG! Is that true? What ridiculous! Just so you know, i had been offered a course that related to the pilot profession either! With that kind of shit result? How come i just simply can be offered all that courses. As if like i got a 10 A’s result in SPM. I feel like i wanna laugh out loud. I feel so dumb when thinking about my past life. I didn’t know how to make a right decision. I thank mama because she stopped me from letting me reach that ridiculous dream. She has many reasons to object my plans. First, the fees are so expensive. Second, the course is so hard for me to make it. I know she didn’t mean to let me down but it makes me realize until now that whatever the reasons are. Mama is right. She knows me. I’m his daughter anyway. I can’t pay the fees in future. I just don’t want! All i want to do is, i wanna be free. I don’t wanna have my working life in order to pay the debt. Hell no! Contrasly, i wanna buy a car, a house, i wanna build my life. Can’t wait for that! Additional to that, i wanna feel free to further my studies until the highest level. I wanna be a lecturer. Now, that’s my dream. Pray for me okay. I’m glad that i’ve found the correct path eventually. People do make mistake. Plus, No body’s perfect. I believe that good things come to those who wait. =)

This is one of my plans! Haha. =D
Don’t aim for success if you want it, just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

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