Dean’s Award 2011. =)

Hey you all bloggers! I would like to share with all of you about my best day. It was on 15th September 2011. =)

Alhamdulillah. I got a Dean’s Award for last semester. This time The Dean’s Award Function was held in UiTM, Puncak Perdana at my faculty. Guess what? My faculty has gotten its new name that is Faculty of Film, Theatre and Animation. Pretty cool huh? =) Eventhough it was held at my faculty, not in the hotel and some sorts just like other faculties did but it was amazing ever! I had been surrounded by clever people. Haha! Don’t get me wrong okay and don’t ever think that i’m so poyo. Actually, this is my first time of receiving an award. I mean an award in academic achievement. Just so you know, i have never received any awards in academic achievement before. It’s damn seriously! I used to call my self as a loser and always be like that.

But not now. Alhamdulillah, i got it finally. I believe that when we have a determination to do a good thing for ourselves, we will get it eventually. Most importantly, you need to be patient and believe in your self, don’t think about other people would say about you. Just ignore the people who love to think negatively about you. That kind of people will always be like a fuck. There’s nothing we can do for those fuckers. All you need to do is, work hard on it. It’s you who shapes the future.

 Thank you Mama for willing to come eventhough you were just got back from school.
He is my dean. Prof. Madya Razak Hj. Mohaideen.
Asyraf! Ini pun nak tangkap jugak ke?!

Masa ni sumpah kelam kabut gilerr! Macam acara larian pecut 90 
meter rasanya.

These are my friends Abit, Sophie and AJ. =)))


With Aliya and Faezah. =) They are so nice to me. =’)

I admit that it’s not easy to achieve it because it needs a hard work. I had been worked hard on it. People keep saying that i’m clever. It’s so wrong. I’m not as clever as you thought. I’m just an ordinary girl who hopes the light will shine on her always. I’m not trying to compete with anyone else. I just compete with myself. I don’t wanna be afraid of what i’m doing. I’ll do my best. I just wanna believe in me. Amin. =’)


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  1. congrats! 🙂


  2. Thank you Najwa! =D


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