Wish You A Super Duper Happy Birthday.

Today, August 28, 2011 (Sunday) is a very special day to me and of course especially to Ritzuan because today is his birthday! Ahha. This is my first time to celebrate a birthday with a boy and same goes to him. It’s trueeee. Even though his birthday on fasting month but it’s not a barrier for me to celebrate it with him. I’m about to surprise him! It’s a must for me to serve a present and a cake for him. I hope he’ll like it. I’m goin’ to share with all of you bloggers about Ritzuan’s Birthday.

I just got back from Mid Valley and decide to update my blog right after i got back home. To begin my story, I’ll start at the part when we were planning to buy our baju raya together today. =) Actually we wanted red colour as a theme for this eid but something happened. So, we took green brownish colour. Haha. All things happened were unpredictable. My mom joined us to buy baju raya together, I was like. What? It was kinda weird but i saw Ritzuan and mama were getting close on these few days. Of course i’m happy for that. =) I love Ritzuan because he knows how to make Mama, my family feel happy. We met at Sogo then moved to Jalan TAR. The condition in there was hell crowded! I was really can’t stand it. Luckily Mama and Ritzuan kept asking me to be patient in order to find our baju raya quickly. Eventually, we all got it. It satisfies all of us. 

Something bad had happened!

I realized that i lost my Nose watch! I turned back to the surau.I had tried to find it all the corners in the surau but unfortunately, i didn’t get my watch back. My watch had been stolen by a very unresponsible person! The watch is so beautiful. If u see that i dare to bet that u guys would be envy that i own the watch! I’m so sad because first; the watch is a gift from my mom. Second; it’s expensive and third; it’s beautiful. 😥 But what to do, i still don’t get my watch back. It was my mistake. I was so careless! My mom and Ritzuan told me the same thing. I need to change this kind of bad behaviour immediately or else, i would lost all my stuff because of my carelessness. Ouuuchhh!


After shopping at Jalan TAR, Ritzuan and i went to Mid Valley. We were breaking the fast at The Gardening in Jaya Jusco. Technically no, we were not breaking the fast yet, i mean at 7.30 p.m because all the restaurants in the Mid Valley were fully booked! I was like. OMG! Then we decided to buy two bottles of Yoghurt drink and sat at a place nearby the Jaya Jusco. After that we were praying. Then, went to The Gardening and breaking the fast in there. The asam laksa in there was damn delicious. Usually he will feed me some of his food  but this time he didn’t remember at all. Haha.I can see the happiness in his face. I was so happy to see his smile. I love to make him happy. Even though the birthday plan seems rushing but me, myself successfully created the unforgettable moment for him. He loved the cake, he loved the present, he loved everything. The plan was perfectly perfect! Alhamdulillah~ =)

Chocolate Mousse Block. =)
Happy birthday sayang.

It’s a ‘cut the cake’ time! Yummy.
Capturing a picture with a birthday boy.
‘Gedik’ shot!
Present time! What’s inside? Ahha. Let it be ssshhhhh. =D
Look at him. He’s so excited.

I love this picture. Thanks bb.
Haha. How do i look? I’m not going to blow all the candles okay.

Happy birthday sayang. I love u so much.

It’s a nice feeling when you know
that someone likes you,
someone thinks about you,
someone needs you;

but it feels much better when
you know that someone
never ever forgets your birthday.

p/s: Thank so much bb for bought me the ‘Asam Jeruk’for juadah berbuka puasa. It was so delicious. I want it some more! hee~


4 responses to this post.

  1. Comel la korg. And I tertanya tanya wht you gave him for his birthday. I'll pray for both of you. 🙂


  2. u dgn arieffarid lagi comel tw. Actually i bagi dia leather bag. OMG, u know what, dia mmg surprise glerr. Dia suka sgt bag tu. =))) thank you so much Syuhada. hari ni awan dah pergi Melaka. 😥


  3. Be strong, okay? You'll make it through. You're a beautiful, strong woman. 🙂


  4. I'll try. Pray for me k. I need to learn how to adapt with this kind of condition. Thanks Syuhada. U such a good friend. =')


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