Ramadhan is back!!!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. =)
Hey guys. I’m sorry for not updating this entry lately. I’m so busy with assignments. Again! Actually i’m reading a CTU book, preparing for a test next Tuesday. I’m in a library right now. It’s so calm to be in here . =) and damn cold! Today’ i’ve a listening test either. Haha. Can you just imagine, i’m reading and blogging at the same time? Urrgghh! Alright. As u guys notice the title above is ‘Ramadhan is back’ and of course i’m going to talk about Ramadhan. I’m going through the Ramadhan month in Puncak Perdana. It’s very exciting to fast in campus. Having a sahur and a breakfast with my friends. It teaches me to be strong especially for this semester i’m rarely spending time with my family.
Okay. I really wanna flashbacking my Ramadhan life with my friends. Ahha. The third day of Ramadhan, Fyra and i went to the Giant Shah Alam. We had a breakfast at KFC. Luckily, there were not too many people until the time had shown 7.15. People were started getting crowded.

Look at these pale faces! It was so obvious that we were very tired at this time.

Only Allah knows how happy we were when food had successfully ordered! OMG! Take a look at the sequence of those sauce. Haha. Maybe we were too hungry or maybe too excited. 

Rice plate combo together with soft drink! Yummy. >,<

She can’t wait for having her breakfast actually. ;D

Before we went to Giant. We had stopped at Baazar and had a walk at there but there were no food like kuih and something like that attracted us to buy. So at last, we decided to buy some food in Giant. Haha. Fyra, i had no idea, she bought food a lot! Popiah, There were kuih but i’ve forgotten already what the name is, snack plate and cheesy wedges! I knew she unable to finish all of it. It’s too many you know! Me? I was just buying a rice plate combo which the price is only RM 6.50. It’s cheap right? Haha.
That is the evening part; the story of me and Fyra while the morning part is….. I met Ritzuan at the same day right after i had finished my class. I thought we would breakfast together but he needed to fetch his sister at 5 pm. So, i turned to plan B to have a breakfast with Fyra. =))))
We were on our way to go to The Curve.

Sorry b for disturbed you driving. =D

Snap pictures session. =D

 Alright! At this day, which is i’ve forgotten already what day it was. We were watching a movie that was Captain America. That was an awesome movie ever! Thanx bb for brought me there!

Captain America Movie Trailer 2011. Awesome!
Today is a sixteenth day of Ramadhan. Time moves so fast. There are forteen more days to go! I still don’t go and get a baju raya for my self. Don’t know when i should go and find it. But i’ve gotten already the thing that much important for me. Alhamdulillah. Wanna know what is that? ahha. That’s a secret. ;D I’ll tell you guys later. Thank you for reading this entry. Adioosss~


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  1. Awwwww, so sweet. :)Arieffarid and I slept in the cinema when we were watching 'Captain America'. Penat sgt puasa. Hahaa


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