Alhamdulillah….. =)))

All i wanna do right now is shouting!!!! I’m so happy that i’ve finished Puan Lina’s assignment successfully. The title of the assignment is “write a 45 second (100 words) PSA on a movie or a program that is to be broadcast over a local tv station.” Alhamdulillah. Finished already. Now, i can concentrate to another assignments. The process to finish this assignment was hard actually. I needed to study the camera shot and needed to wash my brain to think about the idea. Thank you so much to Alya, my roommate for helped me out! I love to study with her. Indeed! =D

The deadline to submit this assignment is on August 8th, but i’ve planned to try finish it early and i did it! I hate procrastinating my work. Seriously i hate it! I wanna submit this assignment by tomorrow morning. Also, our carry mark for our exercises will be announced tomorrow. Can’t wait for that! Whatever mark that i get tomorrow, i just don’t mind because i’ve given my best for every exercise and assignment. So, it seems never let me down. Same goes to this assignment, i’ve given the best! I believe that if i work hard for it, i’ll get the best. I love the way Ritzuan advised me, it sounds like; You do your best then let Allah S.W.T do the rest. =) Thank you b! =D

I totally enjoyed in doing this assignment eventhough it was kinda hard but yeah! There’s no easy work in this life. Isn’t it? So, for me most importantly, just give your best and sincere in doing your works! Just enjoy with it. =) Work more harder Athirah! U can do it!


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