What a day!

I realized that today, most of my time has been spent with assignment. Luckily, i’ve finished my autobiography and biography finally. Now, i’m focusing on my research writing! I’m thinking on how i can get all the academic reference like my lecturer wants. She doesn’t want all the reference taken from the internet. And that’s a difficult one!I must find a solution for it before this monday. Go Athirah! You can do it! I love to say that to my self actually. LOL.

I’m doing my assignment and listening to radio at the same time. So that i would not be attacked by depression. Right now, i’m listening to a song by Selena Gomez; Who says I love that song! What about Chris Brown? His brand new song; Next to you feat Justin Bieber. The music video seems great!

Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber

 OMG! I don’t know what i’m yelling about on this late morning. Maybe i just wanna relaxing my mind. I’m pretty enjoy finishing all my assignments so far. It such a satisfaction! (When you give the best for it!). That’s all for today. Taddda! =)


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