I miss you love.

I don’t know why i got this kind of feeling. The emptiness. I know that i miss him so much. It’s hard to meet him just like before. I admit that he has become a part of my strenght to further my studies instead of my parents. It’s kinda weird right? But it’s true. He helped me alot. He filled my emptiness. He would be there for me no matter how hard it was. He’s a part of my achievement. I would not go this far without him. When i was sad, he were the one who persuaded me, calmed me down. I miss those memories. Our memories.

I met him yesterday at Mid Valley. He’s becoming a temporary worker at Seed Cafe. When i saw his face. I knew that i missed him alot. I missed his smile. His face. The way he looked at me. OMG! I wish he can be right here with me. Thank to Mama for brought me to see him yesterday.

Maybe i’m kinda selfish but i need him. If u read this. I want you to know that i love you so much Muhammad Ritzuan.Truly.

With me, Ritzuan. At ICT, Shah Alam. My only one. =)
At Manhattan Fish Market. You love the’ Pisang Goreng’ right? LOL.
I hope we can build more memories after this. I love the way of your conversation with my parents, my sisters and brothers. They like you. You’ve brought the happiness in our lives. I hope our relationship will last forever. 
I hope we can stick together through whatever happen, whatever barrier. Your sincerity has made me fall in love with you. It’s none of your material or else but your love. You make me happy and feel comfort when i’m with you.
P/S: I miss you so much.

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