Happy Mother’s Day Mama.❤ ❤

Mama. Tomorrow is a very special day. I want to wish u a Happy Mother’s Day!!! I want to say thank you very much for being the best mom for me, brothers, and sisters. Although i know i’m not a good girl and not listening to u. Sometimes we fight for no reason. It doesn’t mean i don’t love u, Mama. Thank you so much for always be patient with me. 

I remember the time I was sick,  Mama was the one who take care of me. When I had problems, my mom was the one who always help and u listen to what i wanna say. Mama, you always be there for me and give your support when i’d been veiled of sadness. Mama , i wanna let u know that you’re my  best friend till the end of my life. Mama, you are a great mom. Mama, you are my idol to be successful. 

There’s one thing i wanna tell you, i’m really impressed with the personality of you; strong, intelligent, nice and great. Honestly mom. I hate those people who look down on you. I swear if I see and meet people like that I would attack them immediately. They don’t even know about you, the real you. I promise I will study hard. I want to be like you Mama. I want to make you proud. Happy Mother’s Day Mama. I love you with all my heart Mama. Thank you very much Mama.

 Mama, thank you for accepting me the way i am.
 Mama, you are my inspiration.
 You are the greatest mom.
You are a wonder woman.
I still remember your favourite song. U told me that you love this song since you were in high school.

Girl, tell me only this
That I’ll have your heart for always
And you want me by your side
Whispering the words I’ll always love you
And forever I will be your lover
And I know if you really care
I will always be there
Now I need to tell you this
There’s no other love like your love
And i,as long as I live,
I’ll give you all the joy
My heart and soul can give
Let me hold you
I need to have you near me
And I feel with you in my arms
This love will last forever
Because I’m truly
Truly in love with you girl
I’m truly head over heels with your love
I need you, and with your love I’m free
And truly,you know you’re alright with me

You love to cook spaghetti for breakfast. U said you used to eat this food when you were in USA.

You love Bonia stuff. I can see that when we went to shop together.

I love you Mama so much as the trees love water and sunshine, u help me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.
I love you for what you are and i love every single thing about you.

Mama, you are like a poem, I’ll never be able to write. Though everything I write, is a poem to you, Mama.

I ❤ U

4 responses to this post.

  1. hyee my cousin ! ❤ hihi ,


  2. Hye hanis. thanks! ❤ *cutiee*


  3. wah.. tira da ada blog…. nanti follow kak nor gak ek…. =)


  4. ok kak nor. tyra selalu follow kak nor. suka dgnblog kak nor. =)


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