Semester Break Is All About Assignments.

Semester break begins on the 30th day of April. It’s not happy to say that the holiday is only 3 weeks! There are two assignments that i have to prepare. First is biograpy and second is autobiography. Both biography and autobiography are actually second semester works. I don’t know why i got the spirit to do those assignments. Haha. Actually I want to read a new novel that i bought at the Book Fair which was held in PWTC last Saturday. After i finished my examination, my family brought me to the Book Fair. It was fun but it was so tiring. There were many people on that time. I just can’t imagine i had to squeeze with other people. It was so crowded! Whatever it is, those assignments are need to be done. I hate procrastinating in doing my works. Honest to say, It’s hard to spend time for myself. It’s all about assignments, assignments and assignments! This is life as a student which i cannot avoid from finishing assignments. Wish me luck okay! Btw, u guys can take a look some pictures of mine at PWTC. =)

While i was waiting to get her autograph, my brain was thinking to be like her one day. Haha.
                    This was the time i met Siti Rosmizah. The author of  new novel ‘7 Hari Mencintaiku’.
I don’t know what Asyraf and Arisya were learning about. They were so cute!
It was so crowded. I can’t stand it!

He’s a book-worm.

These are my brothers. Arif and Aizat.

Arina gives full attention on her book.
It was fun actually. Because this was my first time went to the Book Fair with my family. Totally love it!!



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